Sophie (Pokemon OC)

Sophie (Pokemon OC)

Postby SophieCub » June 6th, 2012, 10:36 pm

This is my Pokemon fursona Sophie.

Name: Sophie
Age: 13
Region: Sinnoh
Gender: Female
Chimchar (male)
Shinx (female)
Buneary (female)
Glaceon (female)
Glameow (male)

Bio: Sophie was born in Sinnoh and was raised there by her mother. She was and still is very afraid of pokemon but was excited to get her own. She choose Chimchar as her partner pokemon. She has long brown hair down to her waist and has, big blue eyes. She loves boys and gets excited when one passes by. She wants to become a Pokemon master or a gym leader. She loves to follow her dreams. She can get offended easily but gets back up and fights. She cries alot too, she was never good at handling difficult situations. The world of Pokemon is scary to her but she faces it with her Pokemon.
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