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Nightwing [Part of the Silverwing series]

PostPosted: December 3rd, 2009, 5:37 am
by Baya
[Notice]: You must have at least read firewing of the silverwing saga to be able to participate in this rp. It's mean, I know, but you will not understand it at all if you haven't read that book!

Plot: It has been a month since Shade's death, and the silverwing colony is getting ready to migrate again. Things seemed to be going well until mysterious murders began occurring in the falcon territory near the city. The hawk warlord, Pratus, doesn't like the murders at all and immediately accuses the bats. He begins to unleash a campaign of separatism from the rest of the bird kingdom because he believes hawks and falcons to be "superior" to owls and the other birds. He shuts the skies during the day down to the bats once more, claiming that the owls are not in control anymore, so the separatists would do what ever they liked. Of course, Aerial had no choice but to oblige to the messenger falcons when they arrived. The fact that they could no longer fly in the light of day again infuriated all bats all over the country, but they were powerless against the sheer brute force of the falcons and Pratus. The rest of the plot will be rped =)


Griffin: Kivuli
Cassiel: Kivuli

OC's [Write a bio up for them in the OT character section and link it up here]

Remus Silverwing:Kivuli
Vlad Vamperyium: Kivuli