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Goth Kiaras Random Jungle Book Role play

PostPosted: May 7th, 2016, 8:18 pm
by gothprincesskiara
hey everyone so i was thinking I would start my next random role play, join in if you want it will involve the Jungle book, thing is ive been doing the role play on my Facebook page but im having issues with it so I would like to continue where I left off with it here, with my kind of role play, I like to call the shots of what happens, so you can just join in as I go.

here is where I am at so far...

Just after goth Kiara had a good lesson with Bageera, Zazu came with some worrying news that put KIara back into feeling stressed and depressed all over again, she ran away where no one would bother her, she fears what she doesn't want to hear, and she will be getting the results tomorrow. She is feeling so worried and scared and a bit under the weather.

Past the jungle and into the bad lands, Goth Kiara has been staying there to hang with the vultures, bu goth Kiara get really ill and is out of it, Bageera, Sher Kahn and the wolves have been looking or her, the wolves find her scent and they think they have found her