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# crazy school story #1 
October 10th, 2018, 11:49 am
On one of my moves I moved in a medium sized city and alot of citys have scools called charter schools. (baically inner city schools). This was the first and last time I went to a inner city school; I'v always lived in surburban areas close to citys. I found out why the students called the school ''hellwood''

My school, Hillwood high, was so old and built so badly, the bricks were crumbleing and tons of wasps nested in the cracks and were fling around like the movie ''The Birds''. they often got in to the classrooms and pandominum happend when ever they did get in.

P.S don't try this at home.

My spanish teacher went out of the classroom to talk to her boyfreind and left us alone in the class to write down the rest of the notes. aftrer like 30 seconds a big wasp flies into the room, people start screaming and throwing stuff at it like pencils and papers. One kid slaps it with a textbook and kills it. Then the kid and his buddies pick the dead wasp up and put it on a vacant desk and they light it on fire with a cigerette lighter and every one (includeing me and a freind of mine) gathers around and we listen to the dead wasp make crackleing and poping sounds. Then someone takes the teacher's hand sanitiser and spreads it on a nearby desk and lights that on fire. (There's a reasom why desks at schoolshave that shiny stuff on it) Then alot of people took videos of what's going on and put it on social media. then those same kids sent a student to keep an eye out for the teacher while everyone els were watching them. They put drops of hand sanitiser into their palms of their hands and lit that on fire and would move it around and then would sling it off on the floor. When the teacher came into the classroom, She noticed NOTHING!!! even though people could smell smoke in the air, and how alot of people wern't in their assigned seats. When I came home, I told my mom (I told her stuff that happend in that nutty school every day because I wanted to leave so badly.) She then called the principal, and my teacher and yelled at them for so long. My mom then made plans to move to a diffrent area. On my last day which was 3 days after the incident, the teacher lectured us about what happend and then told us that she saw the videos on social media. I was so happy to get out of that school :)

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