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Characters » Taisaku

Registered at MLK: April 25th, 2009, 12:18 am.

Gender: Male

Species: Lion

Character Description

Name: Taisaku... AKA: "Tai"
Species: Lion
Gender: male.
Pride: None, was raised by his mother untill she died in a fight with another lioness who was trying to kill him.
Both lionesses were killed.. he was later adopted by another pride,
Personality: Secluded, doesn't like to get attached to others. But is Affectionate, opinionated, nice, cheerful,
caring/thoughtful, playful, loving, loyal, honest, talkative, and inconsistant.... Modest
Very Outgoing,
ALWAYS speaks his mind and doesn't care if he offends someone.
Doesn't care about what others think about him,
He isn't effected much by the loss of a loved one.
Open- Minded (tries to see things the way others do)
procrastinates, and breaks-rules pretty often
Description: Darkish Tan body,legs fade from Tan (at top) to black Paws... JET-black mane, with red highlights,
Tip of tail is just like mane. His mane however, is smaller then Mufasa's but bigger then Kovu's. Body size is smaller then
Simba's but is bigger then Kovu's, He is more althleticly built then Kovu also. He has a "Outlander's nose". Stomach is a Medium
shade of Tan, not Dark Tan, but not normal tan, it's somewere in between. He has Deep Blue eyes, with a yellow area were the Iris touches the Pupil of the eye...

Description as a cub
Colors are the same, but he has tufts on all four elbows (that as he gets older, thin out). He's about Simba's size as a cub. Well , Simba's height and length, He still has Kovu's build though, (the skinny outlander look). His eyes are Hazel, and his claws are white.

yesh... i copied and pasted from the OC section of the forums..

Permissions: Semi-Private (They must get my approval before using this character)

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