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Fan Art Albums of My Lion King


gloverboy23's Album

A human in the Pridelands 2

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A human in the Pridelands 2
© gloverboy23 2011

Artist's Comments

Spotty and Jani escort Shelly to Priderock. Spotty makes sure that Shelly keeps walking by poking her in the back with her muzzle, while keeping an eye on her.

Jani carries Shelly's backpack in her mouth while also keeping a distrustful eye on the human girl.

Shelly-"Where are you lions taking me?"

Jani-"Quite, human! and keep walking."

Spotty-"Take it easy, Jani. The girl is frightened enough as it is."

Jani-"HUMPF! I could care less. That filthy human shouldn't even be here in the pridelands. Her kind, I've heard stories, have always tried to kill us in the past. Her friends will come looking for her, I know it."

Spotty-"Well, she's here! And there is nothing you or I can say about it. Zazu told us to bring her to Priderock and that's what we're doing."


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