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Fan Art Albums of My Lion King


Zoketi's Album


# huckleberry fudge 
March 4th, 2015, 8:09 am
is really really good.

hi peoples.
Dunno if many have noticed that I haven't been as active the past week, but I'll explain anyway.

1) I'm on medical leave from college due to depression and anxiety issues again
2) my laptop is dumb and has been overheating ridiculously (think the fan isn't working)

However, I am back to a regular schedule at the moment. Computer is stable, and I'm feeling a great deal better than I was say the 23rd or 24th of Feb, now that I'm back home. So ye.
Oh and we have a new barn cat, who you can find pictures of on my dA.

# ahh [ignore] 
September 9th, 2014, 5:18 am
vomits information
this is more to myself
so ignore

Things of which I must should do
- wolf practice in general
- Tufani's parents
- finish designing PiB character
- MLKFAA profile pictures
- Shani and Chaka (kovu/kiara kids)
- draw Aylen
- clean out characters again
- update Zoketi's designs (raccoon, snow leopard, black bear, barn owl)
- draw Timberpaw
-draw Mousepaw
- draw some Bearcreek
- finish Averimeina's ref sheet

im stressed
really stressed
and i feel damn awful
its okay
i'll go away now bye

# frightening change called college 
August 20th, 2014, 3:23 am
I move in to college on August 20th. It's a small school in South Carolina (where I live), and it's also all female, too. Lol.


DDDDD: heeelllpppp

The first couple of days, up to probably the 26th ish will be busy. Classes start on the 25th (also my birthday, yay x.x ) but there's a ton of activities and orientation from when we move in up to the following Sunday, the 24th. Likely I won't be on at all during that. Perhaps a little on the weekends if I can...but I'll still be adjusting so I dunno. But once classes start, and I get into a regular schedule, I should be more normal in submissions and rp and stuff.

Dunno exactly how things will be, but I should have time to be on here. ouo I don't get my schedule yet until the orientation days this week, so I won't know what my times will be like.

Yerp. I'm stressing a good deal about this. Maybe a little excited, but mostly frightened. Can't wait to just settle in and get into a routine, at least. ene

Anyway, that's the story of Zo.
See you guys soon. ;u;

# Gone 9th through 17th 
August 8th, 2014, 9:39 pm
It's actually really cool though, cuz I'm gonna be going to the Gal??pagos Islands. My father has a conference thing there and he's taking me along as a sort of late graduation gift. I'm quite excited. I may have access to internet, we'll just have to wait and see.

I'll be gone August 9th through August 17th. Ish. Depending on all that confusing airplane shiz that hopefully doesn't get delayed or stuff. It'll actually be two days of traveling--including spending the night in an airport--before we actually get there. Fun. But, I'm sort of excited to fly, since I haven't for a few years.

When I return I'll have a few days before I head off to college. D: Trying not to think about it too much.

# back from vacation 
July 13th, 2014, 10:11 pm
Probably should have posted about leaving, too, but oh well. cx I just got back from a week-long vacation yesterday to my family's favorite state park. Saw my best friend and two other good friends as well. <3 It was so nice and I wish I could have just stayed there. Hahah. We were expecting to have no internet, as it had always been whenever we went there (since we've been going to this state park almost every year--my mom went there when she was a kid). However, there was wifi. Initially I was disappointed. We didn't use it much except to watch movies online. I was kinda looking forwards to having a break, so I made sure not to visit any sites like dA or CS or MLK or go on Feral-Heart or anything. I'd already warned the roleplays I was in that I wouldn't have internet, so I didn't want to just pop in.
But yeah, it was lovely. We went hiking and swimming in the lake, and strolled around, and biked, and had smores. And played Sims 3 when we got stuck inside during rainstorms or something. And occasionally Minecraft.

Yep. Just if anyone was wondering of my absence... -shrug-

May 17th, 2014, 2:46 am

I found my sister's tablet!!! After so long of searching. Funny, cuz it was so close too. But uuaghghg yessss I can draw digitally again! AEEEGHGHGH YAY

Like I'm about to cry this is pathetic


must go draw bai

# ugh 
April 20th, 2014, 1:23 am
Well, my tablet broke. -weeps-

It actually was broken a few weeks ago. One of my rabbits must have nibbled the cord. But I was able to tape it so that it still worked. But just today it stopped working completely and no amount of fiddling with the cord could get it to come on. ;n;
However, my sister has a tablet that she never uses. (Like, never. I mean, I dunno why she has one. xD) So I looked for it...but her room's an absolute disaster. Couldn't find it. Garrrgh.

Dunno what I'm gonna do without it. At least I still got pencil and paper though. c':

Just an update, I guess. -flail-

# March Updates 
March 14th, 2014, 1:55 pm
A wild journal appears! -flail-

Wow, okay. I just stopped doing journals here, I guess. xD I'll try posting them again more often. Hahah.

Yeah, stuff. I've been creating a lot of OCs, mostly for role playing with a good friend. So that's pretty much been what I've been drawing lately--lions. I'm quite happy with my style, so yay. c: Lots of muse for writing too--well, roleplaying.

I'm looking to clean out some of my characters...or at least update them. Mostly the ones in the main TLK universe (relations of Simba, etc.) because they just don't seem fitting. I made them awhile ago, mostly randomly. Colors aren't very good, nor are stories. Lol. I was so into just making them that I wasn't paying much attention to where they fit in and such. So yeah....expect a lot of revising in the future.

Art Status:
Deviantart Point Commissions: OPEN
Art trades: OPEN
Requests: CLOSED
Collabs: CLOSED

# October Updates 
October 15th, 2013, 3:06 am
Been awhile since I posted a journal, right? XD I just got so busy and then never

Anyhow, some updates. Life's been very busy, of course, now that I'm a senior and high school. Add marching band to that and I have barely any time aside. My only free day is Sunday. But yeah. I've been doing a lot of sketching traditionally at school, since I don't have as much time for digital drawing. Haven't had art block in a good while (hope that didn't jinx it ;P) but I have been stuck on my TLK story about Mheetu--just kinda lost inspiration. I will continue it, but I'm just sorta stuck right now. Lately I've been working on the history of the Pridelands, starting with the first king. I've been doing a lot of research on the comics and stuff and formulating a time line and such. ;3

Not much else is I guess I'll end it here. Nice to post a journal again. :happy5:
- Zoketi

# April Info 
April 28th, 2013, 9:08 pm
Whoops, forgot to post February on here. (I forgot March completely XD)

Annnnyyyyway, hai. I suppose I haven't been extremely active on here, but I've been going through random art block of lion king stuff right now. :c
Oh and I finally got chapter 21 on Mheetu's story; link on
lol. took me long enough. ;P

that's all for now, I guess.

# January Info 
January 18th, 2013, 2:36 am
Urgh, artblock has taken me. -cries-
Well, not just that, but my tablet is weird with my new computer. It is SUPER responsive, so light touches make it flick all over the place and its really shaky when I draw. So digital art is a bit tricky right now. A bit frustrating, too. Sigh. Hopefully I'll get used to it and be able to get back up to uploading here more regularly. I really gotta get stuff last upload was Dec 22. ^^"

Hmm. Funnily enough, I also have a bit of a writer's block too. Mew. I really, really, reallllly need to work on my TLK fanfiction about Mheetu. Its been on Chapter 20 for months, and I have like seven paragraphs on microsoft word for Chapter 21. I HAVE NO INSPIRATION. RAwwhghahghaghahghaghaga.

Mm. Happy January.

- Zoketi

# December Info 
December 5th, 2012, 12:54 am
oh yay, it's December! My favorite month of the year. Holidays, happiness, long breaks from school. What's not to love? XD Too bad we won't get snow where we now live. Truthfully that really upsets me, because that's always something I look forwards too. The place we used to live got a fair bit--not anything major, but enough to enjoy and have fun in. But here--jeeze, it's still 70 degrees Fahrenheit during the day!! I really despise it, actually.

But anyway, enough about that. Art. So. Well, I suppose there's nothing interesting really to report. I'm busy with trades and stuff, but always am open for more. Commissions too! I don't get very many of those.

My main focus currently is to work on my story, What's Meant to Be. It's a Lion King based story, focusing on Mheetu, the younger brother of Nala who was cut from the final movie. c: I haven't uploaded it here on dA, but you can find it on FanFiction, MyLionKing, and on Chickensmoothie. ;3
I'm also trying to get designs and family trees coordinated within the TLK universe. Adding deleted characters, semi-canons, and OCs everywhere to fill it in. And with my OCD, it can be pretty perfectionist and stressful. Hahah. Oh well, it's better than stressing over school.

So that's about it, I think. Happy Holidays, guys! <333

-- Zoketi


Deviantart Point Commissions: OPEN
Trades: OPEN
Requests: CLOSED

# November Info 
November 17th, 2012, 7:14 pm
Oh, this is late. hah.

Well, I've been a bit inactive on here, really. The majority of my absence was during my family's move to a different state, so we hadn't been able to get internet for a while. But that's done with, so back online again. ;3
So now I'm trying to get back into full swing on here, updating characters and working on stuff that needs to be revised and such. ^^ I really wish I had a good drawing program other than just GIMP (too pixelly), MSPaint, Sketcher, and CS's Oekaki. -.-
Not much else to say, I suppose.
See ya!


- point commissions ; open!
- art trades ; open!
- collabs ; open!
- requests ; closed!

# Back from vacation 
July 22nd, 2012, 5:05 pm
yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. Exactly what the title says.

So I don't really know what I'm going to be doing now...I may not submit much since I really just don't feel like drawing too much currently. I just simply feel lost.

# July Info (and short absence) 
July 14th, 2012, 2:36 pm
I don't want summer to end--not for "hating school reasons" but because it means I'll be moving soon and I reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalllllllly don't want to. Like really don't want to. I lost count of how many times I broke down and sobbed in anger. Sigh. Life is just really sucking for me right now. -.-

Oh and I'm leaving on vacation today, July 14th, (a little bit of happiness I suppose) and will be back on Tuesday the 24th. And I won't have internet. Rawrgh.

# June Info 
June 8th, 2012, 8:58 pm

8D I'm so close to being done with updating profiles/references and such for my characters. It's becoming so satisfying as I cross each thing off. So that's certainly an accomplishment. I've been organizing my characters so much, it's been crazy. v.v

I'm so very glad it is summer, too. I have all the time in the world to draw now, and of course write. If you haven't, I'd love it if you'd check out my TLK fanfiction, about Mheetu. [link] I could do with some crit. I'm really happy with it so far, I've got already 14 chapters. And my outline extends to I believe 35 chapters. I think it has good promise. c:

My point commissions are completely OPEN now, so if you'd like to do that on dA please do. I'm always looking for more points. I'll do art trades as well, and a collab or two. Don't ask about requests though, unless I specify you can or you are a good friend of mine--you guys know who you are. ;3

So happy June, everyone! Hope you're having a great summer so far. <3

# May Info 
May 18th, 2012, 9:10 pm
I feel very depressed right now. Have a lot going on in real life.
But, at least today was my last day of school! That feels good, at least. SUMMER! :D WOOOT.

But yeah. I should have a lot more time to do art, so that'll be good. I'm not opening commissions yet, I still don't feel ready. But soon, probably. They are OPEN! I guess there's not much else to goodbye. <3

# April Info 
April 22nd, 2012, 4:34 am
Haha its kinda late April already, whoops. :3 So. Yes.

I've been quite busy with commissions lately, I really need to start working on more of my character stuff. Rawrggghhh. I've also been having random art blocks that last for a day, then disappear. Same goes with my writing, too. Including roleplaying. >.< Hopefully they'll quit it.
I've watched TLK 1 1/2 a few days ago, and then TLK 2 just yesterday, so I'm stilling spazzing over those a bit; I'm trying to get some fanart maybe. Yaaaayy.
And I just now--like a few hours ago--watched Puss In Boots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now I'm listening to the soundtrack. Lol--this totally relates to TLK. OH WAIT now I must draw Puss and Kitty as lions! *rushes off to do so*

Have a good remainder of April! :hug:

# March Info 
March 6th, 2012, 1:48 am
I'm just dropping the whole "post on 5th of each month" thing, it was kinda dumb--for me, at least, I could never seem to remember. XD

So. Hello. Sorry again for my lack of uploading, I've been busy with commissions and other stuffs right now and haven't gone around to drawing much TLK. Sigh....its bothersome, cuz I really need to finish updating all of my characters. RAWRGH. I'm gonna try to get in some art and finish profiles soon, but it may be a while before everything is complete.

So, bye now. Don't die, don't eat lightbulbs, and make sure not to fall off buildings. :D

# February Info 
February 11th, 2012, 1:02 am
Awwww KER. So....I'm being dumb....rawrgh forgetfulmuch! I need to post on the 5th of each month. :U

Lol, yeah. Tis February of 2012 the year we're all going to die. So, I apologize for my lack of updating (again). Going through a TLK-ish artblock. Not really much else I guess...
OH wait. My sister's 13th birthday was on the 3rd. :3 lol.


# January Info 
January 14th, 2012, 4:16 am
Oh...hah. I keep forgetting to post these on the 5th of each month. XD

So, January again. Apparently, we're gonna die this year. o.o Hmm....yeah. Not. Lol, sorry.

I'm terribly sorry for my lack of decent art. Not counting the reference sheets. I feel like I'm ignoring my characters, they need some more love. -___- I've just been so busy with school. Grrr. At least we had a snow day today! So four day weekend, cuz Monday's Martin Luther King Jr. Day! :D Awww yeah.

My next task is to re-do my characters designs--actually putting thought and effort into the designs so that they make sense according to genetic-y stuff and all that. :3 Might take me awhile. I'll need to do individual refs, clean up their profiles and put up new profile pics. Yeah....this'll take me FOREVER. D: But oh well. ^^ chart for personal use:

Kumi -- Profile Pic -- Reference -- Profile
Hashiki -- Profile Pic -- Reference -- Profile
Nyuki -- Profile Pic -- Reference -- Profile
Imara -- Profile Pic -- Reference -- Profile
Erevu -- Profile Pic -- Reference -- Profile
Radi -- Profile Pic -- Reference -- Profile
Kutia -- Profile Pic -- Reference -- Profile
Adia -- Profile Pic -- Reference -- Profile
Kiburi -- Profile Pic -- Reference -- Profile
Nafasi -- Profile Pic -- Reference -- Profile
Kameria -- Profile Pic -- Reference -- Profile
Kuruka -- Profile Pic -- Reference -- Profile
Asubuhi -- Profile Pic -- Reference -- Profile
Tahayari -- Profile Pic -- Reference -- Profile
Silika -- Profile Pic -- Reference -- Profile
Zaidi -- Profile Pic -- Reference -- Profile
Mkali -- Profile Pic -- Reference -- Profile
Kinyonga -- Profile Pic -- Reference -- Profile

Kvetina -- Profile Pic -- Reference -- Profile

Zoketi -- Profile Pic -- Reference -- Profile

Matumaini -- Profile Pic -- Reference -- Profile

Drune -- Profile Pic -- Reference -- Profile
Syena -- Profile Pic -- Reference -- Profile

# December Info 
December 9th, 2011, 10:11 pm
Derp. Forgot to post it on the fifth of Dec. -__-

I guess that shows I've been busy. I'm really upset that the best month of the school year, December, is when I have the most work. Gahhhhhhhhhh. I have two papers due soon, and of course midterm exams. I'm so thrilled. D: This is making it extremely hard to do drawings sadly, and I've been taking a break from them--besides sketches I do during class. It really is no fun.
So I've just been stressed this whole quarter...I cannot wait for Christmas break. Sigh.

Before I had all this school issues, I had begun to refresh some of my character's references. That's probably my biggest goal, when I can start to draw more.

Anyway, closing art trades right now, at least until the end of the year. Sorry about that.

# November Info 
November 6th, 2011, 2:23 am
*fail* I never did an October journal, lol. Oops.
Well, anyway. I'm very glad of my improvements in drawing TLK styled lions. Yay.
So, life's been a bit busy lately and I've been very tired too. (I crashed on Thursday after marching band practice lol) Stupid school's been getting in the way, but whatever. ;P

Requests still closed, but art trades are open! c:

# September Info 
September 17th, 2011, 7:41 pm
Sorry again for the lack of uploading. School's keeping me busy, and I haven't had much inspiration to draw lions/large felines. I doodle all over my notebooks at school, they're covered in drawings of Simba, Sarabi, other lions, hyenas, warrior cats, wolves, and other random sketches. But when I get home I'm just sooo spent. -_-
I'm especially into warrior cats at the moment, so I've been drawing a lot of them. x3

Art Trades still open, like always! I'm closing requests for now though.

Anyways, release of TLK in 3D!!! I really want to see it. Hopefully I'll be able to soon. I wasn't able to see it on Friday, cuz of school, then a piano lesson, then a high school football game which I otherwise wouldn't have gone to but I'm in marching band so it was mandantory. xP So yesh, supah excited!

~~Bye for now!

# End of Month Stuff 
August 29th, 2011, 3:49 am
Goodbye, August of 2011. x3
Terribly sorry for the lack of uploading art. I have been busy with requests on other sites and haven't had time to draw TLK stuff. As well as my characters. They desperately need some attention. >.<
I'm now closing requests here so I won't be as busy. Art trades are still open if anyone wants to do one though.
If you didn't know, my birthday was August 25. Now I'm fifteen! xD
Also, school has started. I will be on less, unfortunately. I will still try to be on everyday unless it is totally impossible. But art will be slower from now on.


# References 
July 13th, 2011, 5:55 pm
Gonna cross off the ones I have yet to do. EDIT: ALL DONE!!! :D


Snow Leopards:

Iberian Lynxes:



# Things to Do 
June 23rd, 2011, 7:50 pm some stuff to do. Gonna list it here.


-Get Mlore's profile pic and finish his character description.
-Finish Matumaini's character description.
-Draw reference sheets for: Mlore, Mjusi, Moyo, and Matumaini.
-Completely re-do reference sheets for everyone. *need to add cub stages!
-Get my fursona on here! <3

Art Trades and Requests are still OPEN!!

# Meh 
May 10th, 2011, 3:14 am
Soooo bored........... -_- I totally have no life and need to do something....
I also wish to roleplay, if you want I have one in the Planning part of the roleplay boards. Freedom~OC Pride...something like that. Please join if you roleplay literately!
I am informing you all of a random and completely pointless(mind the pun) holiday I created. May 28th is Poking Day. (get the pun? poking? pointless? poke, point...? aww fine. yeah it is lame.) Please do not ask why or what is wrong with me, I probably am a bit insane. :P I don't mind. Anyway, you have to poke someone at least once that day. Preferably more.
Why in the Outlands am I telling you this? I've no idea myself. ^_^

# Lots of Work to Do! 
April 22nd, 2011, 2:06 am
I have an overload of characters now, so time to get references done. -_- Lots of references. Again going to cross off the characters I have finished refs for.

And if anyone at all wants to request or art trade, I would really enjoy that! I have no life and am completely bored!!!!! :D

# Bored! 
March 30th, 2011, 12:55 am
Please please give me something to do! I totally have no life and want to draw for someone! :3
Anyway, I still have a few more characters to upload, but I will do that later. I'm gonna be a bit busy too, the whole month of April because my English teacher is trying to kill us all. So.
I'm gonna list my characters I need to put here so I can cross them off later.
Almost done! :D

# Opening Art Trades/Requests 
March 27th, 2011, 7:33 pm
Hello. I am opening Art trades and requests, so feel free to ask! :) I would love to do art trades, I'm kinda bored. Send a PM!
Just a normal weekend day. Unfortuanately, school starts back up again tomorrow. :(
Also I finally finished the reference sheets for Kumi, Hashiki, and Marjani.