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Fan Art Albums of My Lion King

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Wanaasi's Album

Full Body Ref - Katili, Husudu

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Full Body Ref - Katili, Husudu
© Wanaasi 2011

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Katili - father of Wanaasi, fallen King of Wastelands - the only black lion who seems to understand problems of others. When he sees someone in need, he's actually eager to help him, unlike other members of his pride. Never picks a fight, but when he does fight, he is able to beat his opponents mercileslly and take alot of hits. He bears many battle-scars - lost toe of his foreleg, broken tail, scars on his back, head and badly scarred maw. He's the first royal black lion to break line of pure black pelted lions and was exiled.

Husudu - sister of Katili. She is unforgiving - once someone betrays her or her people. she will never let them get away without punishment. She acts in front of her pride like she's very strict about rules - yet she's willing to break them if it will give her profits. Her fur on her neck grows so thick, it's sometimes mistaken as mane by newcomers and Husudu is usually called 'the king'.
She's one of the oldest lionesses to live. Because of that she believes she's immortal and refuses to have any heir.

And this is where Gramos got his wierd hairdo :lol:

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