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Characters » Alekai

Alekai's Portrait

Registered at MLK: October 16th, 2012, 12:21 am.

Gender: Male

Species: Liger

Character Description

Name: Alekai (AL-lee-kay)

Meaning: Unknown

Gender: Male

Breed: Liger (Lion+Tiger)

Family: Real family is unknown (Open)

Mate/Cubs: None (Open)

Looks: Slightly goldish orange/brown with darker brown to jet-black stripes, long claws with sharp teeth and strong jaws, and icy blue eyes

Personality: Caring, high-spirited, a little rebelious, and very protective of others

History: Alekai was born in the Outlands, his mother wasn't involved in any Pride and was more of a rogue. Alekai was abandoned though when he was just a few weeks old and was left to die, but was later found by a rogue lion named Dumaka (Doo-MAH-kuh) who took him in as a son. Alekai grew into a strong and playful cub while living with his adoptive father whom he thought was his biological(by blood) parent, but he and his adoptive father soon ran into an unfriendly Pride who didn't accept rogues amongst their territory and not knowing that the rogue lion had a cub he was killed for tresspassing. Alekai was found shortly after Dumaka's death by the Pride's leader and was brought back to the Pride, where he had lived and grew into a teenager. But Alekai knew by far that he was different from any other lion, he was not ordinary, unlike a normal lion he had stripes and an unusual roar. Alekai left the Pride unknowingly when he was in his teens and lived alone, though any other Pride he came across on his travels he was always offered a spot to stay, but never could get used to Pride life and abandoned every Pride he was welcomed into with open paws however any other Pride that weren't so welcoming he was able to get past by persuading them he was just passing through and mean't no harm. Alekai grew into a strong lion and had learned to live on his own, because to most he was never excepted for who or even WHAT he was.

Permissions: Semi-Private (They must get my approval before using this character)

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