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Artist's Comments

This is my version of Zira's mother. Her name is Safi ("Pure")


Safi was raised in a beautiful place with a wonderful family. She lived a happy life though it bothered her that her father had abandoned her. She lived with her mother - Amani ("Peace"). But trouble came when three rouges took over her homeland and she fled with her mother, who died on the journey. In her later years, she finally found a pride after being a rouge for so many years. She fell in love with a strong lion named Erevu ("Wise") and had a cub with him named Mwezi ("Moon"). Soon after, Erevu had died from an infection and Safi was forced to mate with the ruler of the pride. Now that Erevu was gone, it'd be easier. The king threatened her; if she didn't bear a male cub, the king would kill the cub.

When she felt it was time to give birth, Safi left and gave birth to a girl - much to her displeasure. The king had accepted his cub, only because he liked Safi but named her Zira ("Hate"). He abused Zira and treated her worse than any other cub. Once, he ripped her ear and she was left with a notch.
When Mwezi had grown up and left, Zira told her mother she wanted to leave too. Safi didn't want it, but she decided it was best for her daughter. And so, Zira came across the Pride Lands and fell in love with Taka/Scar, whom was prince of the Pride Lands and younger brother of Mufasa.

Then... (Well, that's another story...)

I also uploaded this on dA: ... 1395771307

Safi (c)TinyLittleLion

User Comments

  Iri March 25th, 2014, 9:59 pm
I love your theory! I love how you gave perfect detail and a great description about how Zira got her name AND her notch! Safi looks beautiful as well!
  TinyLittleLion March 25th, 2014, 10:21 pm
Thanks so much! I'm sooo happy to hear people enjoy my work!
  TinyLittleLion March 25th, 2014, 10:21 pm

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