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Fan Art Albums of My Lion King


Timitu's Album


I have a Character Creation contest going on, if anyone is interested and likes to design characters. I need two female lions to be Nora's friends... or enemies... in my new game I am working on. They will be main characters so it is best to keep the designs simple. You can design both, or just one of them if you wish.

There is a lot more details on DA.

Mainly, keep their designs simple as they will be drawn a lot. Keep them natural (though eye colour can be unnatural.) You are welcome to use a base to come up with the design but make it one of your own bases. (Like if you use one when doing your character sheets or making characters for others.) That is fine. Just don't take someone else's base and colour it.

There is two places you can submit your designs to. DA or Lion King Fan Art Archive. Both are free sites. First 10 people to submit it on DA will get a free head-shot sketch of one of your characters from me. (I may do it with the people who only submit on LKFAA as well if less than 10 people submit one on DA.)

DEADLINE is April 17th but I wont give any reminders out on here as it gets closer. And seeing as all my pictures are up until after that date, I won't have too many more reminders going out. (May do a status update on DA about a week before but that is it.) I wont be able to take entries after April 17th 2021.

DA Contest Post:

LKFAA Contest Post:

# I'm Back... I guess... :) 
May 3rd, 2019, 2:09 pm
I just wanted to post a quick journal. Just to catch up anyone who cares on what I have been doing and what I hope to do in the future.

Looks like this place is picking up a bit more. My main reason for not wanting to be here before is I did not want to be the only one posting for weeks on end. There may be such thing as too much Timitu.

The main thing I did while gone from here really is I finished my game "Levar's Life." I am still amazed on how well it has done. I have only really advertised it on DA, LKFAA and here. I expected maybe 20 people who like my characters might download it. But no. I was surprised and celebrated when we reached 100 downloads. But it just kept climbing. I think it is at 400 and something now. That is really amazing to me. Because I really only expected 20 people to want to play it. I mean it is just a silly little game I made. But people like it and really, I LOVED making it. Hardest part is it is easier and more fun to make than the comic. So have to stay focused because Moson's comic will forever stay a comic series. But I will say Levar's Life is not the only game I plan to make. The next one is already in the works. But due to its size and my other commitments at the moment I can not even give a year date for when it will be finished. But watch. Once I start getting the art ready you may start seeing little hints as to what it is going to be about. If you are interested in playing my current game you can download it for free here:

I am currently posting old comic pages from Chapter 4 and some game pictures from Levar's Life. I am also working on art trades. I have one more to do at this moment but then I think I will take a bit of a break for reasons explained below.

I have some minor health issues lately that have been messing up a lot of stuff for me. I do not know when I will be able to be at the computer. Yesterday for example I had an extra day off and planned to do everything but had to spend it in bed most of the time because sitting made everything worse. And that was so out of the blue. The day before all I had was a runny nose that would not stop. That was horrible at work because I worked by myself so I didn't get as much help as I needed and it may have been a bit of a disaster. Today I feel a lot better but I have a busy day, and work the next two days. So that really throws things off. My normal days off at Monday and Tuesday. So if all goes well I should be back in action those days. (I can post pictures on work days. That is no problem. But doing anything that takes time like a picture I don't like to. A lot of those end up just staying sketches forever.)

I see the specialist for my health problems later this month. Fingers crossed I can get a surgery date not too far in the future so I can solve this problem soon. I will try to put and update in one of my pictures after I have gone to them to let you guys know. If I do go for surgery I will be off for a couple of weeks from my online world.

Not a whole lot else to say. It is nice to be back. I may update my character stuff over the next few days because work days are perfect for getting tedious stuff like that done.

# Leaving I Guess... 
May 23rd, 2017, 2:13 pm
Ok so you all know it, the place is dead. The chances of someone even seeing this are pretty slim. But I wanted to leave something in case anyone still shows up here.

For now I am leaving. I am going to come back sometime after Chapter 3 of my comic is finished. (Sometime in late summer 2017) I will post the rest of the comic and if it is still dead I will probably head out. I won't make second journal about leaving though I will probably say on my last picture that I post. But for those that want to find me or check out the comic before it is posted here... everything is below. Pick the place that fits you best and check it out.

Where to find me:

If you enjoy my artwork in general, want to do a trade or anything like that in the future. I mostly draw Lion King themed stuff. Though not always. The links below are where you can quickly find me

Deviant Art:
Lion King Fan Art Archive:

The Comic:
If you have been reading Moson's Comic or would like to start reading it, there is a few great places that as of right now you can check it out. (You can find them at the pages above but this is just for easy access to JUST the comic folders for people who are mainly interested in reading more of the comic.) DeviantArt gets a new page every Monday (unless said otherwise) Facebook I try to do the same but it does not always happen that way. Lion King Fan Art Archive gets pages in groups based on scenes.

My Gallery on DeviantArt: ... on-s-Comic
My DeviantArt Group: ... on-s-Comic
Lion King Fan Art Archive: ... lder=65446
Facebook: ... 5761212083
Chapter 1 is on YouTube:
(Chapter 2 and 3 should be coming out at some point. Hopefully soon. I may just post them and worry about voices at a later date. Plus I need to record all the kids voices soon before their voices no longer fit the kids as well.)

I also still run the Secret Santa over on Lilymud. That place is pretty dead too but it is a great area to run the secret santa. You do not need to be a member of the forums to take part. You can sign up though e-mail. More details will be posted when you go sign up. I do mini themed ones thoughout the year, and I do the major one in November/December as well. If you wish to never miss a sign up date, and you have facebook, join the group below.
(It is a closed group but I will accept anyone. Just do not post personal or advertising stuff in there. It is for the project only. If you do you will be removed.)

Anyway that is all from me. Hope to see you guys around.

# Timitu Update! 
April 20th, 2016, 8:53 pm
This place won't let me upload from my phone so till my computer gets fixed you probably won't see much from me on here. Follow me on Facebook for most of my stuff till then. I keep that up to date.

In other news I got my own place today. Just got the keys today but I also work the next 6 days so I won't be really moved in till next week. First thing on my list is trying to get my computer to work. :) I am so behind in life really not having a computer. I have been using moms but that is a hassle since we don't live that close and I don't travel to see her just to sit on the computer.

Not much else to say really right now. Once I get settled I will be starting a mini Secret Santa. I will try to post on here in case anyone on here wants to take part. But if not Facebook is a great place as well to catch that stuff. ;)

# Art Trades and Secret Santa 
June 15th, 2015, 12:29 am
Two sets of info in one.

Art Trades

Basically I am taking three art trades between here and DA. While this week I am fairly busy the following week I will not be busy at all. I have a few extra days so if anyone is interested I would like to do 3 Art Trades. This is not the only website I am doing this on but there will only be 3 done. I will do between 1 and 2 big cat type characters of yours, all I ask is you do the same in return. You can pick any of my characters below for your half. I have beside them all characters of mine in the list that they are connected to. If you have any questions feel free to ask. Also please when you ask if you can take part let me know what your planning on doing and please wait to be added to the list before you start your half. Even if only one person on here may have asked before you, it may actually be full due to another site. I will go by time of post so first come first serve.

Art Trades -
1: EireannWolf
2: 1Timestones38n
3: awesomesauce2014

Character Choices:

Name: Nora
Character Connections: Mate = Levar , Child = Moson

Name: Levar
Character Connections: Mate = Nora, Child = Moson, Killer = Zee

Name: Moson
Character Connections: Mother = Nora, Father = Levar, Guardian = Zee, Friends = Tibu and Maria

Name: Maria
Character Connections: Friends = Moson and Tibu

Name: Tibu
Character Connections: Father = Zee, Friends = Moson and Maria

Name: Aleksander
Character Connections: As of right now he has no strong connections that I want to say just yet.

Name: Zee
Character Connections: Guardian of = Moson, Father = Tibu, Killer of = Levar


Secret Santa

Yep, finally I have time to run one of these again. The theme for this one is taking on a different style. So try to get away from the Disney style and pick something new and fun. It is an anything goes kind of secret santa meaning any characters are welcome, not just big cat characters. But keep in mind some people will be at their best when doing big cat characters.

Also I want to remind people, the Secret Santa facebook page had to be restarted. So if you are interested in that join the group here:

How to sign up is all on the page below. If you do not have an account on Lilymud you are welcome to post your sign up information on here. Just keep in mind to fill out all the important stuff as I wont post it till your sign up information is fully done. This way I also know it is different from you asking for an art trade. By filling out the secret santa information it means you will be taking part in that project. (You can also e-mail me. My e-mail address is above the sign up information that you need to fill out. Just remember to put, "Secret Santa Sign Up" in the subject or it will go into my junk mail.)

# Back so... Anyone want to Trade 
December 29th, 2014, 6:07 pm
This looks long, do not get discouraged though. It is organized. Just read the title of each area. Pick the area that fits with what you would like to trade and then read only that area. You do not need to read this whole thing. Some things are repeated because they fit in different areas. So reading the whole page will not be fun. :P

(NOTE: I will start doing art trades on January 2nd 2015. I am posting this now as it gives people a chance to do their part because I have two days off starting that day and I would like to jump right in rather then wait. Trades will be taken till I can no longer take them. But I will only have three at a time. PLEASE read the General Trade Information before you move on.)


General Trade Information:
I will take three at a time. Does not matter what kind it is. Once you ask you will remain on my list for 3 weeks. If you are not done in three weeks you will be removed. (Does not mean we can not still do one but I do want to open up spots for others if needed. If you get your part done after three weeks, send it in and I will make sure my part for you goes next on the list.)
It will go in a first finish first get order. (In other words when you finish I start your picture. Please do not rush. There is no real time limit unless you wait months and months. Then I can not guarantee I will have time to do yours to quickly.)
If the list is full please wait to do your part. You are welcome to ask, and I will reply when a spot is open for you. If you are still free you can do it then. (This way if stuff comes up and I can not take yours then you did not make something for nothing. I do not always get back to people for surprise pictures.)
Other then that, like it says above pick the type of trade you wish to do with me and read that area for more information.

Any questions feel free to ask. I will be gone out for a few hours but I will be back to reply to anything whenever you want. I will NOT advertise each time I am taking trades.


Art Trade for an Art Trade:
Simple enough. You draw a picture for me. I will draw one for you. I do have a 3 character MAX that I will do. Keep in mind I can not always guarantee full bodies in the picture depending on what I am inspired to draw. I hate repeating poses or being too plain. But I often allow background to have a bit more time put into it if there is less character to do. My effort will be determine by your effort. (Don't worry not a judge on how "Good" you may be, but on how much effort is put into it. If you just do a sketch that is fine. But you will get a sketch back. If that is what you are looking for that is great. Maybe that is all you want. That sort of thing.)
I also ask that you do the same number of characters for me as you ask for. Canon included. Though please have at least one of my OCs in your picture. Some of them do fit really well with Canon Characters.

Art Trade Ideas:
(You do not have to do these but these are some ideas if you feel you need to. A link to all my characters is below. If you do match them up please find out who fits together before you do that.) ... acters.php

- Levar's living life is unknown mostly. So here is some questions you might enjoy figuring out in your artwork. "What was Levar and Taka's friendship like?", "Why does Mufasa hate Levar?" and "Did Sarafina feel the same way about Levar?" (Keep in mind Levar is the same age as Taka/Scar and never became an adult.)

- Moson's Comic Chapter 1 (linked below) is done. So what do you think happens next? Or happens in the future. Each page had characters in it tagged. Some do not have a full reference sheet though somewhere though the comic you may see their full body so check for that first.

- My favourite couple is Nora and Levar. I love Christmasy things with them. Perhaps because their birthdays are around Christmas. I don't know what it is but Winter, Christmas and these two go together well. BUT do not let that hold you back. If you wish to do something more connecting the Lion King setting that is great as well.

- If you want just a single character idea, any of my characters will do. I do suggest either Nora, Levar or Timitu or ANY of the characters that appear in Moson's comic. But if another character really interests you go for it. If it does not have a full character sheet talk to me. I may have one somewhere just not linked on here that I can share.


Character Design for a Character Design: (Currently closed. Please look at other options for a trade.)
I will design a character for you. But only one per person. You will get a unique character sheet for that character you wish me to make. I will make parents, siblings or cubs for your character(s). Or I will make you a whole new character. You can tell me as much or as little as you would like for the characters design. But for your part you are making for me, please do not just give me a head shot and say "Here is your character." Please make it an actual character sheet. With colour patches, labels and such. (Example: ... -463636374 ) If you wish to add information about them feel free. If you know something about them maybe you want to say something like maybe who they are related to due to who you are designing. If I really like your design I will keep it and use it in such things as Moson's Story Comic and a possible other short comic that may come out sometime in 2015. Even if it is part of the random fun one it could have its place. :)

Design Ideas:
Levar's Parents:
Mother OR Father. I have given a basic look to them on his new character sheet here: ... work=19994
use that template for their face but what do they look like other then that. Nothing is known so feel free to do whatever. Just make sure the colours fit and are natural. Their two cubs are Randin and Levar. (Randin: ... ar_id=4480 Levar: ... ar_id=1960 )

Rogue Lion:
Looking for a rogue teen - young-adult male lion. An influence on Levar in his younger life. Again stick with natural-ish colours. He is sort of mysterious. Past that, you come up with it.

Levar and Sarafina's Cub(s):
Levar really liked Sarafina. What would their cubs possibly look like if they had one. (May end up being used if I really like anyone's design)
Levar: ... ar_id=1960
Sarafina: ... char_id=10

Random Fun:
Pick any two characters of mine and mix them together. What would it be like if they had a cub. Does not matter if their storylines match up or not. As long as you fit it. Character section is below.


Remake Picture for a Remake Picture:
This is a fun one to do. You give me a picture (containing no more then 3 characters) and I will redraw it in my style. It will be the same picture, so I wont change things, but it will be completely redone. (No tracing.) It is important that everyone knows this is with permission of each other. It is not to be redone to make it fit my own character or you own, it is redone with the characters that are in it. (For example, if you give me a picture of your two characters snuggling under a tree under the moonlight, I will do a picture for you of your two characters snuggling under a tree under the moonlight the way you did only with my style.) If you have any questions on this feel free to ask. (Here is an example of when I have done this kind of thing before: ... work=10340 ) In return you will do the same for me. Below is a list of pictures you can redo in your own style. Remember no tracing. I can already get my pictures in my style. I want to see it done how you would have drawn that same picture with the same look.

Remake Pictures:
(Pick any below and do them in your style. Try to pick one fitting to what you are giving me. In other words if you have three characters in yours pick one with three in mine if you can.)

Nora and Levar (Telling Stories) : ... work=14787
Tabatha, Gee and Nora (Snail Eating Contest) : ... work=12918
Nora and Zee (Trouble) : ... twork=9910
Leonette, Moson, Sprent (Tomorrow) : ... work=18060
Levar, Scar and Mufasa (Levar has the Power) : ... work=12977
Mufasa and Levar (Angry Mufasa) : ... twork=9883
Timitu (Out for a Walk) : ... twork=9965
Levar (Gates of Hell Last Wish) : ... work=15432
Nora (In Mickey Ears) : ... twork=9907

Anything for a Story:
I will do any of the above ones for you if you write a short story about... well my characters. Below is a few ideas. But I will need at least ONE page (in Word or whatever writing program you choose with pages) per character you wish me to draw of yours. I don't want to spend a whole day working on a picture when you wrote two paragraphs about one of my characters. So make it fair. If you want to write more feel free. Again I will only do between 1 and 3 characters for any of the above things except Character Design. Story can be anything. (Comedy, Horror, Romance, Action... etc.) Below are some interesting story ideas that may help you make you decision. When you are done this, post it on the forums in the story area and post a link on my page here to make sure I see it. Link to my characters is: ... acters.php

Story Ideas:
- Levar's living life is unknown mostly. So here is some questions you might enjoy figuring out in your story. "What was Levar and Taka's friendship like?", "Why does Mufasa hate Levar?" and "Did Sarafina feel the same way about Levar?" (Keep in mind Levar is the same age as Taka/Scar and never became an adult.)

- Moson's Comic Chapter 1 (linked below) is done. So what do you think happens next? Or happens in the future. Each page had characters in it tagged. Some do not have a full reference sheet though somewhere though the comic you may see their full body so check for that first. ... lder=20512

- My favourite couple is Nora and Levar. Any story with them is also good too. Make sure to check out their character section on here to find out a bit about them before you start as they are both rather complicated. Though I wont be upset if it is a little out of character.

- Any single character ones are fine too. Maybe write about Levar's last moments alive. What is is like after he dies. What about Nora she is also dead. Or any of the cubs (Moson, Leonette or Sprent). Or pick any of my characters and read about them and write a page story about them for anything you feel might fit who they are.

# Gone, not sure how long. 
August 3rd, 2014, 10:23 pm
I have been debating this for a bit on and off but I need to take a step back from everything. I am still not over Mercury being gone. When she was around she gave me all kinds of art ideas. I did not need comments or favourites to feel like I did a good job because most of the time we would talk about it and that was enough for me. I was exactly the artist I wanted to be. I did my pictures because I loved drawing. If no one else care for the picture it did not bother me one bit.

Lately I feel I have turned into the artist I never wanted to be. Someone who thrives off the comments and favourites. And I hate that about myself now. I am becoming depressed. Not because those two things are lacking as much as the fact that sometimes I feel in myself that is why I do it. And then I put hours into something and no comments or anything... The before Timitu would not care and I liked who I was before.

So tomorrow I head away on vacation for a few days. On August 15th I will post the last comic page that will be going up on here. I have only one other picture planned for before that day. I will just focus on DA for now. If/when I return to myself I will return here and post the rest of the pages that were made while I was gone.

I will come back and post about the secret santa if anyone is interested. I will not post a picture though to advertise, just a journal so keep watch.

I will remain active on DA but only for the comics and possibly photos if I take any I really like. I will continue to post on Facebook any sketches I do, on topic or off topic from the lion king world. Though I probably will not colour them too often for a while. I am going to start doing a lot more on my YouTube Account. And I will possibly try to get more active on Twitter within the next few months. Right now my life is far from interesting enough.

Links for all these are below if anyone has read this far. Feel free to watch me on any one of those places. I will watch back. (Just remember I am gone this week so I will add you by next weekend sometime if you add me.)


I wont say this is goodbye. I do like this place. Should I return to my happy artist self I will be happy to return and see everyone. But right now I think a step back would honestly be for the best. Thank you for your understanding. Hope to see you guys guys again soon.


# CLOSED Taking 3 Line Art Requests 
July 25th, 2014, 2:15 pm
I am going to do 3 line art requests. One character per person and you are welcome to colour the picture and post it after as a collaboration between you and I.

First come, first serve.

PLEASE post a link to your character. It just makes it quicker and easier for me. Also let me know if you are using Paint to colour it as I will make it fully fill bucket friendly. You are also more then welcome to print it out and colour it with pencil crayons or whatever your choice may be. :)

(LION or BIG CAT characters only. This is just a request. I don't want to spend hours trying to get something right and I am quite confident in drawing lions/big cats.)

I am going to be away for the morning so I may not be here right away to fit people in but I will be back this afternoon. I will do one a day starting today. So if no one asks today then spot 1 will close. (If three people ask today then that is all I will be taking for this weekend.) Hope that makes sense.

1: Rilliane= FINISHED -
2: emanuelle = FINISHED -
3: Sarabi Mirage = FINISHED -

Thank you to everyone who requested one. If anyone else wants one sit tight I think I will try to take at least three more before life gets crazy again for me later in August.

# Mini Secret Santa Fun 
June 19th, 2014, 12:15 pm
If anyone is feeling like they want to take part in a secret santa this summer, I have a mini one going over at Lilymud. You will need to be able to do two things to take part in this project. 1: Get a full picture done for a person you are specific to draw for before the deadline (In return you will get one at the end of the project from a secret member in the group.) And 2: Keep a secret for the length of the project. If you can do those things and want to take part the link is below.

For dates and a list of who is already signed up see the link below. (It is open to anyone who likes to draw.

# RIP Sarahmercury 
April 12th, 2014, 1:10 am
I don't really know what to say or where to start with this. Most people probably have no idea who I am talking about. And that is fine I guess. She has not posted on here, or anywhere for a long time. But she was my friend in RL.

The last time we talked, we argued. She was really upset about a lot going on in her life and I was frustrated that she was not taking more of a stand to change it. This argument ended when I felt too frustrated, that I would say things the wrong way and wanted to step away. I hung up our skype chat and told her to go for a walk and we would talk when she cooled down. That was the last thing I said to her and I am still not sure if she saw that as she went off skype shortly after.

The last few days I have been busy with my own health problems and school. I never once thought that I that was the last I would hear from her. Today while I was trying to celebrate a Friday, watching my favourite TV show, having a drink and eating some chips, I got a message from her father. My friend had taken her life last night. My best friend had taken her life. I would never get to talk to her on skype. I would never laugh at the silly things she came up with. Such an inspiration to my art she was. She may not have drawn a lot but she was creative. She would give me all kinds of great idea. She was the secondary mastermind behind Levar. She was his number one fan.

Now I sit here, still very much in shock. Hoping I can get my mind off of things while I watch my show tonight.

(PS. If this is a joke I would be surprised. Her dad is not immature at all like that. And neither is she, she knows what is right and wrong and to have gotten all her family to play in on this and say RIP on her facebook is not something she could have done at all. I would be surprised. Though I would give anything to hear a "Just Kidding" message from her.)

So I guess this is it... RIP Mercury. :(

# Taking 10 Sketch Trades 
April 7th, 2014, 8:43 pm
Please check out the link below for more information, but if you do not have an account on DA you can ask for spot here. But the DA page will be where the list will be updated. I will reply to your comment on here when you get it. Please only ask if you are serious about doing a sketch trade. If your going to ask and never do your half please leave it open for someone else.

VERY IMPORTANT: Only two spots left in a head/shoulders level sketch for two characters. Please look at my DA journal linked below before you ask. And please make sure when you ask you give me links to two of your characters you want done. If you ask here, or you ask on DA it wont matter. But if three people ask it will be the first two people that provide me with a link to the characters they want that will get it. So don't forget to include everything. (Also do not start your sketch till you know for sure you are in. Sending me a sketch will not guarantee you a place if more then 2 people asked before you.) ... -445914918

This is to celebrate being done most of my school work for this semester. Finally LOTS of free time is coming my way. :) I cant work cause I am an international student and only have one class this summer. I think it is time to party before the hot weather kicks me out of my apartment. :)

# My Update 
March 15th, 2014, 3:23 am
Shalun (my husky) has passed on. It was really hard to just hear about it but not be there in person as I am currently living in another country. I had been a big part of his life for almost 16 years. It was sad to have him go and not be there for him. My best friend down here took me out to breakfast though and it was just so nice to get to sit and chat with someone. I thought I was not going to be able to talk about it but I was. Of course though, I can always talk about things with him. Anyway after we put him down the place he used to go to Doggie Daycare must have seen on facebook that we were having to put him down and had this made up for us. I love it. ... decafdb5d4

My health is somewhat better. I am still on the same pills but my stomach is accepting them a bit better. On the way home from the hospital the one day after getting some tests done I had a very bad experience. I thought I was going to have to get an ambulance from the bus station but made it the three hour trip home on buses that were breaking down and not having a good time at all. I have been back to see the specialist and we are playing the waiting game still. It could take a couple of months to see if everything fixes itself. Otherwise I could need surgery. At least I am eating three times a day again. And have had some really good days. Better then the no good days I was having back in January.

As for my Grandma.... Of course she beat all odds. After having only hours to live... then days to live... then they didn't know it could be either.... She is back home now. It is still unsure how long she has but she could have months. Though the doctors do not believe she has years they also said they did not want to say anything for sure cause she is a surprising lady. She is skin and bones and only 4 foot (some inches) tall. Yet she refuses to give up. So good for her I hope we get to see each other again in person soon.

As for getting back to Canada... I can only do it if I get a job down here. So next week I figured I would start applying. I can only work at the school so fingers crossed I can find something so I can go home and see everyone.

Past that I am back... I am almost done my first real picture of being back. I hope to get back to my normal self on here again soon. I have missed everyone.

# Loss of a Good Friend 
February 19th, 2014, 1:14 pm
In a couple of hours though I am unable to be there to say goodbye my 16 year old husky will lose the battle against cancer after kicking it's butt last year. To add onto that right now my only living grandmother is also in the hospital with hours or days to live. She won't be going home and it is only a matter of time. Sometimes I hear she has a matter of hours left somethings she is eating and joking with people.

Along with this I have been really sick on and off. I am on medication right now that is making me sick so I have a really hard time eating. Connecting with being depressed about the two reasons above it has made sure the past few days I have gotten almost nothing down. Right now I am not worrying about if the food is good for me. If my stomach will accept a chocolate muffin then it is getting a chocolate muffin. Better then not eating anything cause it refuses to take something else.

Only minutes after Shalun will leave this world, my friend is taking me out to breakfast. Not sure how much I will eat but it will be good to be out with a friend for the day. We have so much to catch up on I may even be able to get my mind off the situations back in my country that I am helpless watching from so far away. I am thinking of also going to the movies today to go see a funny movie just to try to relax a bit. My teacher gave me the day off. I still have tons of homework to catch up on for tomorrow but I can maybe do that and play "The Sims" or something tonight.

Anyway I will be gone for a bit from this page and most places online. I do want to start back on YouTube a bit with my lets plays as they make me happy. But give me about a week or so if things calm down in life a bit. But I do not plan to be back posting art for a few weeks. It is just too hard to draw right now. I need some ME time. But just wanted to let you guys know in case you leave a comment or such that I WILL get to you but just allow me some time to get my life sorted out so hopefully I can come back with the same energy and fun I had before all this.

Thanks for listening.

# Win a Free Request 
January 10th, 2014, 2:45 pm
It only takes a few minutes of your time to sign up for this. All you need to do to be entered to win is comment with a link (yes a link not just the names) to ONE or TWO of your characters (no more then two). You will be added to the list with a number beside your name. I will leave this open for about a week. I will announce the winner about a week from today and hopefully get their picture done.

I will use a random number generator to pick who wins. It will be completely random and only one person will win. The winner will be announced in a picture I post to my gallery here. If you miss it don't worry when I post your picture I will make sure you get it.

If you give me one character: You can expect a full body (or close to full body) picture with double shading. Background's complexity will be determined by how inspired I am do more. Example of how it will be drawn and coloured seen here:

If you give me two characters: You can expect a part body - close to a head-shot. As like above it will depend a lot on how inspired I am. This is an old example but just imagine this with the shading like it is above and you have an example of what this will look like.

Timitu's TIP for best results: Before you pick the characters you want me to draw look at my gallery, ( see what kinds of characters I draw. Then think about what character(s) of yours would best fit my style. This way if you win you will have picked the right character(s) for this picture. And here is a little bonus for anyone who actually reads this far in this journal, after you finish telling me what characters of yours you would like end off with your name below and beside your name put in brackets your favourite lion king character. So I would put Timitu (Scar) and anyone who does that for me will get their name put on the list twice giving you a bit more chance at winning. (PLEASE put it at the end. That way I can find it. From now on it does not count if you hide it within your sign up post. I will not catch it the first time if you do and I wont go back after people have been added after you.) You have to do this on the first try, if you edit and I already saw it the original way I probably will not catch you and your name will show up just once. Just wanted to give a little bonus for people who read before signing up. :)

EDIT: I will keep this open for another week. I am going to post it over at DA too so we have more people. We only really have 5 people here really so it would be nice if we can get a decent amount where a raffle will be fun. And at this point I would normally cancel it but since at least 5 of you guys are signed up I will make sure you are all still in the running for it any anyone else who wishes to also sign up. I will update this list like I do on DA. If you ask also over on DA and I find out you asked to get your name in 4 times you will be completely removed so only pick one place to ask. Just to be fair.

Anyway start signing up... all it takes is a comment with the right stuff.

1: call_of_the_wild
2: call_of_the_wild
3: lionobsession
4: lionobsession
5: unikels
6: 1Timestones (Waiting on Link)
7: 1Timestones (Waiting on Link)
8: Alexoz
9: Alexoz
10: M-WingedLioness
11: Ratchet
12: SolitaryGrayWolf
13: SolitaryGrayWolf
14: Tiffani-Amber
15: Tiffani-Amber
16: Kyratwl
17: Kyratwl
18: Sarahmercury
19: Sarahmercury

# Taking 3 Art Trades (EDIT: CLOSED) 
November 27th, 2013, 5:51 pm
I am going to do only 3 art trades for right now. If you are interested tell me what characters of yours you want done. I will do up to two characters but will give you the same number of characters of mine to do. PS. Please don't start till I have told you who I would like done. After the first three spots are taken I will not be taking any more. There will be no waiting list.

1: ArceeAdult (Them = Finished... Me=Finished)
2: Numa (Them = Finished... Me=Finished)
3: call_of_the_wild (Them = Not Finished... Me=Sketched)

EDIT: Trades are now closed. I got the three people I will be trading with this time around. Once school is over for this semester I may take some more if the secret santa does not over power me. And depending on how long it takes to do these as well. :)

UPDATE: Nov. 29th 2013
Just wanted to say in case anyone checks this and wonders. Your not forgotten. Today and tomorrow are INSANELY busy with my secret santa starting. Once I have gotten my major responsibilities with that project all done I will be finishing up the art trade for ArceeAdult who is done their half already. And then I will get working on others.