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Timitu's Album

Levar meets Zane (or Taka)

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Levar meets Zane (or Taka)
© Timitu 2018

Artist's Comments

Page 7 in my story on DA from my game. In this scene, young Levar meets his new best friend. But it doesn't start out so nice. In the original story, it was Scar/Taka who is replaced by Zane in the game.

This was shown as a sketch and mentioned in my demo that this scene was one of my favourites. I am not going to post all the pictures from the game on here as I do not want to flood the front page since it is not very active here. But once in a while I may stop in and leave one or two pictures from the game for those who have not seen and wish to see. Of course, you can see all of them already on DA if you go there as it is fully posted on there. (Read the story along with music, sound effects, and minor movement.) Reading the story on DA will spoil the game. So I suggest only reading it if you do not plan to get the game. Or read a few pages to see if it is something you would like to play.)

Game Download:
Levar's Life Story Version: ... Life-Story

Just going to post one today. I have been busy with a new job but happened to stumble on here and felt I should post one more.

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