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Cylysce's Portrait

Registered at MLK: March 8th, 2014, 8:39 pm.

Gender: Female

Species: Cheetah

Character Description

Name pronunciation: Cy-lease
Age: 14 in human years
Crush/Mate: Tobias 8-)
Cub(s): None.
Mother: Unknown
Father: Unknown
Sibling(s): Indy, Eli, Ellie, Jango, Momiji, and Xiomara.

Backstory: Cylysce is just a happy girl how likes fooling around, doing pranks, want others to be happy, & be loved. She has a lot of personalities or moods. Cylysce is a tomboy, strong, emotional, stubborn, very boyish, generous, crazy and tough which you wouldn't want bother or you'll meet her evil side. One day Cylysce saw a young handsome male cheetah named, Tobias. Cylysce is a nervous type around cute guys she likes. Tobias is older than her though but, she doesn't really care, she likes him for the way he is. Her brothers and sisters like embarrassing her. Like one cool summer day, they all knew that she really likes Tobias so then they all decide to tell him everything she says. For example. " Oh my f*ckin' god! He's j-just soooooooooooooo dreamy!" Or even "Tobias? Can i kiss you like, forever and ever?" After they were done, he was red. Tobias was very flattered. But, Cylysce always thought nobody would ever like her... So she decides to run away and leave. Never come back. Ever... Tobias was upset that she was upset. Tobias ran fast as he can to catch up to her before she ends it... For good. "Hey!! Wait up!!!" Tobias yelled "No!!! Just leave alone to die!! *tears fall down to the ground*" Cylysce cried. Tobias finally grabs her and kisses her, like as she said. " Hey beautiful. That's your name right?" " *blushes* Haha. B-but why did you do that? I thought you hate me" " Hate?! I like you. Like, like like you. I felt the same way as you did. When i first saw you... I thought you'd be mine some day. Haha and a little bit of a "Mmm yeah" when you pass by me. So don't feel bad about yourself. I see how fun you are. I like that. A-And that... kiss.... Its was like kissing cupcakes." " *turns really red* Oh. I have this feeling in my stomach but, i can't explain it... Because... I-I love you." Cylysce and Tobias are in love. They spent so much time together now.....

Permissions: Private (Only the artist can use this character. Artist is accepting gifts with this character in them.)

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  Kipekee August 12th, 2014, 2:00 am
that was me and my boyfriend xD <3
Love her design.
  Tako August 12th, 2014, 2:12 am
Oh mah gaud. XD Mmmmmmm YAS.
Aw cool!
Y gracias! Thanks! ^^
  Kipekee August 12th, 2014, 11:47 pm
De nada darling <3
  Tako August 12th, 2014, 11:49 pm

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