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Fan Art Albums of My Lion King


SladinForever's Album


The First Little Derp
August 27th, 2012, 10:00 am

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# New! 
August 27th, 2012, 10:08 am
I decided to join here since I do have some Lion King fan art that I wish to share. I came from Firestar's DA profile--KaiserTiger--and that gave me the motivation to join too. I'll see about making some lion characters and drawing more fan art

Artist Comments

Hello, I am Rocky, or you can call me Sladin. Either works. I'm a 22 year old tomboy who loves to write, loves wolves and eagles, is very kind unless angered, and is working to becoming better at drawing in general. Most of the time I reference from screenshots, mangas, shows, and such because drawing entirely from scratch makes my art look ugly. I always provide disclaimers and copyrights to my images, so you know where I got my reference or who the character(s) belong to. I use to lineart everything, but found that coloring over a sketch is much easier and nicer looking. So I now try to stick with lineless drawing. I'm working on making a tutorial, which will be uploaded to DA. I'm still learning stuff, but I feel like I improve with each drawing. I definitely have the best luck when I collab with people. If they provide the lineart/sketch, I do the coloring, shading, and background base colors, and then we do a background together. If you're open to collabing, just drop me a message! I'll be happy to work with anything and anyone

If you have to ask me questions, then go for it! I don't bite and I'm very friendly as long as people are friendly with me. I don't go to people to attack them and I definitely don't bash on people's art or characters. If I don't like something, I simply ignore it, like everyone should (: I try to comment all that I fave and I hope you do too! Constructive criticism and nice comments are all welcome. If you give me pointers, I will try to remember them and use that advice for my next piece of art. I hope to make some friends here and get more into drawing Lion King stoof

I'm open for simple Reference Sheet commissions for just 2$ I need to help raise some money for my mum, who needs an MRI. It will cost her about 3000$ because her work won't give her health insurance. For all info, please visit this link: ... -323434138 Donations are totally welcome too! All of my info is in that journal link. Since this is a Lion King site, I'll see about drawing cat characters as well as canines (: I'll be forever grateful for your help and kindness. I love my mum very much and she doesn't deserve to be treated the way she is now. She's a wonderful person with poor health--back pain mostly--and she can definitely use the help. If you know anyone looking to commission someone and you think they'll like my art, please send them my way! The more this message is spread around, the better for my poor mum! All donations and commission money will be towards her MRI, whether she likes it or not. I don't do much around the house--I only have a job as a paper deliverer and my personality makes it hard for me to get a better job--so this is my way of helping her

Thank you all so very much in advance!

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