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Fan Art Albums of My Lion King


Kipekee's Album

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Characters » Kipekee

Kipekee's Portrait

Registered at MLK: January 11th, 2015, 2:47 am.

Gender: Female

Species: Lion

Character Description

(Gifts: By Labatis [old design])

Pronounced: kee - peh - kay
Name Meaning: unique

Orientation: Demi-androsexual
Mate: Furaha


Kipekee definitely lives up to her name. Beyond her truly unique looks, Kipekee also has a unique persona. At first, she is rather neutral, staying away from strangers unless they introduce themselves to her first. She smiles and greets them in return, but is aware of their every movement. Because of this, she could be thought of as untrusting and paranoid. She reacts to every noise she hears, and pays attention to every little thing that happens around her.

As you get to know her better, Kipekee becomes more open-minded and talkative. She becomes much friendlier and may even share a story or two. But be careful, for Kipekee has a quick wit and, like many others, a thirst for importance.

It doesn't take a lot to provoke Kipekee. Her two default moods are neutral and annoyed. She's got the shortest of tempers and sometimes loses management of her anger. She lashes out often, especially when pushed to the limit. She will, and does, tell anyone off. She is quick to judge others based on what she has heard about them or seen them act. Kipekee sometimes has a closed mind and doesn't steer far from where she is comfortable. She is stubborn and hesitant to try new things. Kipekee is stone cold and gets bored easy and fast. If you're not talking about something that amuses her, she will get distracted.

On the other hand, Kipekee is a very loyal, protective friend. She can be motherly sometimes, and is very down-to-earth. She can be a little childish, but she is very chirpy and has a positive outlook on things. She is very tranquil, and she can often be found sitting alone, deep in her thoughts. She has no tolerance for bullies and turns sour around bossy, self-assured people. She's very confident and extroverted, always willing for a conversation, though she's careful not to be self-absorbed.


The youngest in a litter of three, Kipekee was the immediate favorite of her mother. The Queen paid equal attention to her older daughter, Uru, and her son, Balaksha, but Kipekee was given special attention. King Mohatu loved all three of his children equally, so the royal couple arranged that whoever found a mate first would be the heir to the throne.

Growing up, there was no sibling rivalry between the three. Kipekee and Uru were especially close, seeing as they were fraternal twin sisters. Balaksha was an independent male and spent a lot of his time exploring and practicing his "hunting" skills. As they grew older, however, they realized what was at stake; whoever got married first would be the future King or Queen.

Balaksha was like a bachelor prince, attracting many lionesses from within and away from the Pridelands, but none of them seemed like a perfect fit. Uru didn't get along with any male besides their father, Balaksha and a dangerous rogue named Ahadi. Kipekee didn't seem interested at all, until she met a peculiar wanderer named Haiba.

Haiba and Kipekee seemed to connect immediately. When Kipekee fell pregnant, Mohatu was especially joyful, because it meant his youngest daughter would be the heir; the new Queen would live for much longer. However, Haiba did not accept the pregnancy. A few days after the cubs were born, Haiba snuck into the den and killed all but one.

When he was about to kill the last little female, Uru barged in and attacked him, defending the helpless little girl. Haiba was exiled from the Pridelands forever. When Kipekee learned of this tragedy, she changed the name of her last surviving daughter; from Upenda, named after the love she once felt for this cub's father, to Zira, named after the hate she felt, fueled by her maternal instincts.

Zira was never allowed to forget the fact that her father was a terrible lion. Kipekee watched from the sidelines as Uru got married to Ahadi and became the heir. Bitter from loss and with hatred in her heart, Kipekee's only vent for her frustrations was her innocent child. Zira grew up in a tense environment, shaping her personality into what would become the Pridelands' biggest threat.

Kipekee and Uru's relationship never faltered, even after Balaksha left to start his own pride. Zira's only friend was Uru's younger son, Taka. Kipekee and Uru never failed to realize that Zira was a low-tempered lioness that felt no empathy, and that it was Kipekee's fault. When Zira had her own cubs, Vitani and Nuka, Kipekee acted as their mother, for Zira was void of any emotions, except when it came to Taka, now known as Scar. Kipekee didn't mind, though. She had created her own monster, and since she had a new mate now with adolescent cubs, Zira was the family protector.

Even in death, Kipekee and Zira were close. Like her brother and sister, Kipekee died of old age. She would not live to see the horror Zira would eventually caused, but she loved her eldest surviving daughter all the same. Kipekee tried her best, and that was all that mattered to her.

Disabilities: Around 20% blind
Disorders: None
Diseases: Hypoglycemia (low blood sugar), scoliosis (9%)
Personality Type: ESTJ

Immediate Kin: Mohatu (father), Uru (sister), Balaksha (brother), Ahadi (brother-in-law), Mufasa (nephew), Scar (nephew), Nuka (grandson), Vitani (granddaughter)
Cubs: Zira, Uzuri, Kunguru, Mvulana

FAQ --
"Omg can my character (---) be her sister they look so alike???"
Kipekee's only sister is Uru, Mufasa and Scar's mother.

"What is a demi-androsexual?"
A demi-androsexual is someone who may experience attraction to males after a strong emotional bond is formed.

"Is she your TLK-fursona?"

"OMG can I adopt one of her cubs????? SHE AND HER MATE ARE SO CYOOT"
No. Zira belongs to TLK, while Uzuri, Kunguru and Mvulana belong to friends.

Permissions: Private (Only the artist can use this character. Artist is accepting gifts with this character in them.)

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