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Characters » Kapuki

Kapuki's Portrait

Registered at MLK: July 5th, 2014, 6:56 am.

Gender: Female

Species: African Lion

Character Description

Name meaning: "First born daughter"
Father: Kivuli
Mother: Uangaze
Brothers: None
Sisters: Shujaa, Ua, Chaltuu

Uncle: Uchungu
Aunt: Almasi
Cousins: Zenobia, Dhakiya

Kapuki has golden-tawny fur, like most lionesses. She has pale ear rims, which is a trait she shares with her younger sister, Shujaa. She has a pale underbelly and eye "rings" of the same colour as her belly and ear rims. She has a tufted head and fluffy cheek fur. She has cub "lines" inside her ear. She's only a tad bit taller than the average lioness and has a slim build. Her nose is a pink "Outsider" shape. She has almond-shaped eyes, and her irises are a pale lavender colour.

Sort of like Chaltuu, Kapuki is bitter- about many things. She's sarcastic and pessimistic and has a rather sharp tongue. She's not particularly aggressive, but she isn't the friendliest of lions. However, when it comes to her two younger sisters, Ua and Shujaa, she is very caring. But she is overprotective of them as well, threatening most who goes near them. Due to both Shujaa and Ua being picked on by cubs and adults alike in the past, she strongly dislikes others being around them.

She isn't much of an arrogant being like her elder sister Chaltuu is. She will offer help if she really feels it necessary instead of turning away someone in need of assistance, but doesn't devote her entire life to helping others either. She's considerably more merciful than Chaltuu. And though she isn't a very social creature, she will allow herself to make friends, though she has a somewhat hard time opening up to others.

Kapuki also has difficulties forgiving someone who has hurt her or her younger sisters in the past. Turn your back on her, do anything to harm Shujaa or Ua in any way, and she will kick you out of her life forever as if you were her worst enemy. She does have a warmer, kinder side. Despite her gruffness and moodiness, she does have a very motherly instinct.

Like Chaltuu, she was treated very harshly by her father, but she did receive attention from her mother. Uangaze was still moody and didn't pay attention to the harshness Kapuki received from Kivuli, but did show signs of affection for her.

Taken by shock at her younger sister's arrival, she was surprised and joyous to see that she would have a little sister. She had always wanted someone to look after, to mentor, to teach how to fight and hunt. While her sister, Shujaa, was not interested in combat, the two developed a very strong bond and Kapuki grew very protective of the young cub.

When Ua was born and soon taken away, Kapuki was grief-stricken. As soon as the cub was returned, she was happier, but only heartbroken again when the youngster decided to return to the lioness who had adopted her- a lioness named Mbaya. She accepted her sister's decision but still felt rather disheartened over it.

When Shujaa was scarred by Kivuli, and Uangaze had done nothing in her power to prevent or stop it from happening, Kapuki decided it was too late for anything to be taken back, too late for apologies. She led Shujaa on an embark, and rather coincidentally ran into Mbaya, Ua's caretaker.

Permissions: Private (Only the artist can use this character. Artist is accepting gifts with this character in them.)

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