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I have an AU fic version of TLK SP in which Kiara pretends to be in love with Kovu in an attempt to make peace between the prides so that her true love, Vitani, can come to live in the Pride Lands.

After the fic/movie's conclusion, Kiara comes clean to Kovu and goes to be with Vitani. Kovu falls into a depression and eventually falls for another lioness in the pride. Due to their history, he and Kiara cease being friends. While she did not love him romantically, she did care for him very deeply and this pains her, but she seeks solace in Vitani...

Except that Vitani doesn't love her forever. Vitani loses the spark that had held her and Kiara together, and later falls for a charming rogue who comes through the territory. She tries to remain friends with Kiara, but the princess's heart can't take it, and Vitani leaves with her new lover.

As a result, Kiara is left entirely alone, with no one to fully turn to. Without love, and without her best friend, she finds herself miserable enough, except that she also finds herself doubting her ability to be queen when the time is right.


I intend to write this out into a fic at some point soon, if my hand will let me. I will probably also do more stuff where Vitani and Kiara stay together at some point.

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