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kovu's father

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kovu's father
© AlbinoRaven666 2011

Artist's Comments

Zira knew her time was running out... She hadn't given birth to a decent heir... Scar's patience was running thin, and so was her time as queen...

She thought Nuka had been her godsend... The male was born not long ago.. But after several months, the thing weak cub hardly showed potential to be the next king. At least by Scar's standards... Though Zira loved Nuka with all of her heart, Scar rejected the cub has his heir... After several tries, and failure to produce a healthy king, Zira knew she had to do something...

Surely the weak genes were not entirely her fault. She was a strong lioness.. The best huntress of the group, the strongest fighter of the lionesses. Though she loved her Scar with a scary obsession, she could see that the genetic weaknesses lied not in herself... But in him.

One night, when it was her turn to patrol the borders as the hyenas ate... She caught the sent of a rogue lion. Prepared to defend her beloveds kingdom, the lioness stalked towards the outlands, following the sent...

But when she finally saw the male, she paused... He was big, strong, and more importantly looked a decent amount like Scar. His fur tone was reddish in the setting sunlight, his nose that of an outlander, his eyes a familiar emerald green... He was perfect...

Convinced that her next step was not unfaithfulness, but devout loyalty to her pride, she approached the male in a seductive manner.

The lion turned, and growled when Zira approached, his chest puffed out dominantly.

"There will be no need for that..." Zira said in a soft tone, her body low as she approached the male. "My, you are a handsome one..."

The male quirked a brow at the female, who was obviously older than he was, but made no attempt to reject her. "A lone lioness by these parts? Near the pridelands? I don't believe this is a coincidence..." He said with a concerned look.

"You are right to question me, handsome rogue." She said in a seductive, manipulating tone, rubbing up against his side. "For I do belong to the ruthless king of the pride lands... But you see, he grows more insane by the day... I have been searching for a strong male to defeat him... And bring a new future to the pride lands."

She purred as she rubbed up against him, always studying his face; which now seemed pleased. All males were the same... Only interest in sex and power... Well, one of those she could oblige, the other she could lie about.

"You are in need of a new king, you say?" The male asked, with a purr that matched hers. "Well... I came to these lands expecting to steal a few lionesses... But here I find myself purring up to the queen... Ready to challenge a male for king... A much more pleasant gift."

His voice was as seductive as hers, had Zira been a weaker lioness she might have actually let him take her, then take the pride lands... But she was not. She gave a wicked smirk, rubbing her back up under his chin.

"With you at my side, the pride can finally stand up to him..." She purred. "And then you and I will be king and queen... With a litter of cubs as our future..."

He smirked, eyeing her long body. "Let's take care of that last part now, shall we?" He asked in a smooth tone.

Zira smirked, she had what she wanted... That night they would mate... She had what she wanted... And when he slept next to her that night, without hesitation, she slit his throat with her claws and teeth. The male had little time to fight, tearing only a notch on her ear before she bled to death.

When she returned to the Pride Lands later that morning, she would say she was attacked by a rogue male, since his stench was all over her fur, his blood soaking her hide. With a ripped ear and a few scratches, Scar believed her... And never expected a thing. Not even when Kovu was born.

forgot Zira's stripe and claws. might edit that later

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  Schania October 9th, 2012, 11:47 am
cool dad ;)

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