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AlbinoRaven666's Album

the lost cubs

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the lost cubs
© AlbinoRaven666 2011

Artist's Comments

The Pride Lands were dying, but the cubs still grew... So far they had survived, but the lionesses could only ponder for how long. Scar was a tyrant, a power hungry lion who didn't share power... With so many cubs from Mufasa's reign it was amazing Scar didn't take action sooner...

The first attack came in the night... The cubs were playing out in the tall grasses. The hyenas swarmed them. If it weren't for Tojo's birds alarm call, the lionesses never would have got there in time... But they came too late for some. After the attack, only one of Tojo's bird babies had survived... They had died calling for help, trying to save their 'mommy' Tojo.

The lionesses knew they could no longer keep the cubs in the Pride Lands... They arranged for Malka's pride to take them... The lionesses distracted the Hyenas and Scar, while the cubs fled to the border... Malka met them there, his mother waiting in the distance, keeping an eye out for hyenas.

"Come on guys! We have to hurry!" Malka whispered.

Tama turned to look back, but could only see Tojo's pain stricken face... He was still hurting from the death of his babies. Tama tried to comfort him as they walked...

Kula walked forward, eyes glaring ahead. She had always been the quiet soft kind... But not anymore, not after this. She would be strong, grow strong, and live to see the Pride Lands again... She stared forward with determination as Malka ushered them forward.

Malka would ask where Nala was... But Chumvi would inform him that because of the difficulties with Mheetu and Scar, that she had opted to stay behind. While explaining this, Chumvi heard the cackles of hyenas in the distance.

"Come on, lets get outta here." Malka said... Always the cocky one, this time Malka was calm, collected, and firm... He had to save his friends. He had to lead them.

The cubs would run from the Pride Lands, escaping the hyenas and Scar... And though they all hated leaving their parents, they were glad to have each other; no matter the dangers.

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  AvrilWonderful September 6th, 2011, 4:12 pm

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