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the orphan cub

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the orphan cub
© AlbinoRaven666 2011

Artist's Comments

Taka, or Scar now, as he preferred to be called now as a brutal reminder to those around him of his fathers abuse, had been walking back from the Elephant Grave Yard; after one of his secret meetings with his secret friends.

The walk was always a long one, but he liked it. It was quiet, peaceful... Gave him time to think up excuses as to why he had been gone for so long, and where. But this time... It wouldn't be so quiet. He heard ruffling in the brush, and noises that sounded like some poor pathetic wounded animal up ahead.

He groaned, rolling his eyes... Perhaps the Hyenas had made another failed attempt at hunting some poor animal that had wandered to close to the grave yard... Oh well, he had to admit he was hungry anyway... He often missed lunch on his ventures to see his friends...

He neared, expecting to find a wounded animal, an easy kill... But what he found was quite different... A young, female cub.

He raised an eyebrow at the cub, and as the cub noticed him, she shrunk back in fear. "P-Please don't e-eat me." She whimpered, looking up at the teenage lion.

He wrinkled his nose in disgust. "Eat a cub?... What do you take me for, a common rogue?" He asked in a dull tone, his head high in a sort of bored stood-up way.

He eyed the cub, not recognizing her to belong to any of the lionesses in his fathers pride, or those prides that neighbored the Pride Lands. "Who...Are you anyway?" He asked, almost half interested.

"Z-zira." The cub said sadly, wiping some tears from her cheeks. She stood up a bit, less afraid now that she knew this young lion wasn't going to kill her. "Who are you?"

"Scar..." He said drably, looking around. "You shouldn't be wandering around here... My father doesn't take kindly to rogues... Even if they are cubs."

What he said was true... Ahadi had been a rogue himself, but in being one, he knew how dangerous some rogues could be. He nearly lost his life several times as a cub, and he was always very weary of new comers to the Pride Lands... Especially those who were alone.

Zira trembled. "Your...F-Father?" She asked, scared again... She had also had bad run in with rogues... Especially the male ones.

"Yes..." He said with a bored tone. "So you might as well run back to where you have come from."

And with that, he turned back towards his path to Pride Rock, and started walking.

Zira's eyes widened, and she jumped after him. "No! Please!" She pleaded. "Don't leave me alone! I don't have anywhere to go!"

"Oh come on, your parents have to be around here somewhere." He groaned, noticing the cub was following him.

She shook her head sadly. "N-No.... I'm all alone. They are... D-dead." She said, tearing up again.

Scar groaned at the sight of the tears, scowling a bit. "Well what do you expect me to do about it?!" He snapped with a bit of a growl.

"I.. I don't know.." She whined, before latching herself onto one of his hind legs. "Just please don't leave me alone!"

Scar groaned, again, looking towards Pride Rock. "Fine...." He muttered, turning to pick her up by the scruff. He then walked towards Pride Rock once again.

Her eyes were wide, but she hung there limply, feeling some sort of odd comfort despite being terrified.

It wasn't until Scar approached the large rock, and two lions in the distance approached that she began to panic again. "Oh no! no no no!" She whined.

He plopped her down in front of him. "Sit still and shut up." He muttered, looking up at the approaching figures.

They were that of his mother and father, heading out for their afternoon walk and patrol of the borders.

Ahadi's face stiffened slightly at the sight of his son... He had, ever since loosing his temper with him, tried to mend the relationship between him and his son... But to no avail.

Uru smiled at the sight of her Taka. "Taka dear." She said with a grin, before stopping, looking down at what was at his paws. "Darling.... Who is this?"

Zira trembled, despite the fact that Uru wore a soft, confused smile. Scar rolled his eyes at his mother calling him Taka instead of Scar, but said nothing on the subject. "I found her in the Pride Lands... She says she's orphaned." He said in a quiet tone... Never making eye contact with his father.

Ahadi looked at Taka, and then down at the female cub... Despite being hesitant about the rogue female, he couldn't help but smile at his son's actions. Scar had been very cold to everyone lately... And he was pleasantly surprised to see that Scar still had enough good heartedness in him to not leave a cub alone.

Scar raised his eyebrows at his fathers smile... Slightly shocked... Had he done something right, for once? "So.. Um.. I brought her here... I figured, maybe... You'd let her stay." Scar said, breaking eye contact once again.

Ahadi was silent, but Uru smiled. "Well we can't just let the little dear wander around by herself, can we Ahadi?" She asked her king. "After all, wasn't it my father who allowed you to stay in the Pride Lands when you were still small?"

Ahadi smiled at the mention of Mohatu, and with a nod he let out a soft sigh. "Perhaps your right... I can't in good consciousness let this cub wander around by herself." He said with a defeated smile.

Scar managed a smirk, and looked at his mother. "Who is going to take her?" he asked, half curious.

Uru thought for a moment. "There are some good lionesses who would be more than happy in taking in a young cub..." She said with a nod. "What is your name, little cub?"

Zira smiled at them at long last, only a little afraid now. "Zira." She said quietly.

"Well Zira... Welcome to the Pride Lands." Ahadi said, before smiling at Scar... He had done this, mostly for him... Scar, no... Their Taka had done something selfless, and Ahadi didn't want to discourage such acts.

So Zira would stay in the Pride Lands... A lioness would take her in. But Zira spent most of her time around Scar after that; ever thankful for the kind lion who had saved her.

Scar found this mostly annoying... but he had to admit he secretly enjoyed her company.

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