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the secret helper

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the secret helper
© AlbinoRaven666 2011

Artist's Comments

It was one of those days when Mohatu was attending to something potentially dangerous, and Uru was to stay home with a caretaker... But without her father around, Uru often grew bored, and when Uru got bored she became a bit of a trouble maker.

She managed to sneak away from her baby sitter, when the lionesses head was turned, and darted off into the Pride Lands.

Uru knew little of the borders of the Pride Lands, but had always been curious of them. And since her father always refused to show them to her, her curiosity was fueled even farther. After all, you tell a child no, and they instantly want to do it.

Her little paws brought her to the border to The Outlands... The earth across the water looked red, something she hadn't seen before. And a huge river divided the two lands.

Finding an old log, rotten from a long period exposed to the elements, Uru began to cross. She stopped about mid way, her ears twitching. She could have sworn she heard something, or someone.

Suddenly deciding it was a bad idea to cross into unknown lands, she started back the way she came. But the log would crack beneath her paws, and soon she found herself running for her life on the slippery, moss covered, dead piece of wood.

She slipped, her stomach falling hard against the log, and that/s when it finally gave way. The log snapped in half, and the two, now separate, ends plunged into the raging river below.

Nothing but her little claws, digging desperately into the log, held her up... Only a foot from the water. She could feel the wood splintering under her paws... She would slide into the water at any minute, she knew that.

And it wasn't long before Murphy's Law kicked in... Anything that could go wrong, went wrong... Logs in the water started to move, and it became apparent after a while that these were not logs... They were crocodiles...

Uru had never seen the creatures before, but could only imagine, as she looked at their big yellow eyes and long teeth sticking out over the snouts, that they were dangerous, and not very friendly.

Her claws gave way, the wood splintered apart, but just as she thought she was going to fall towards the water and horrible creatures she found herself pulled back towards the log...

Another cub had appeared, and taken hold of her scruff. She didn't have time to question who this new cub was, all she knew was he was managing to pull her up the log, just out of the reach of the snapping monsters below.

When she finally felt earth under her paws, she knew she had been pulled to safety. She collapsed to the ground, panting, nearly crying.

"What do ya think ya were doin, huh?!" The cub yelled, scowling at her. "Playin' in gater infested water!"

Uru shrunk down, eyes growing wide as the tears started to fall... That's when the young cubs face softened a bit.

"Didn' mean ta scare ya, girly." He said in a softer tone. "Jus' worried me, is all."

Uru nodded a bit, still not talking, but half smiling now.

"I'm Ahadi!" He said, puffing his chest out proudly. The cub was a yellow tint, but with an outsiders nose. His amber eyes reminded Uru of her father's. He had to be a week or two older than she was, he was a bit bigger, and obviously strong.

Uru got to her feet, only trembling slightly now. "I-I'm Uru." She said softly.

"What are ya doin out here?" The scruffy Ahadi would ask Uru. "Ya a rogue? Like me?"

Uru grinned a bit. Wow, a rogue? She had never met one of those before. She should have guessed, though. The cub was dirty, a bit thin, and his slang way of talking was far from the sophisticated lifestyle she lived. "No, I'm from the Pride Lands, My dad rules there."

Ahadi's face dropped a bit. "Oh..." He said, thinking he might have found company.

Uru cocked her head to the side, she hadn't meant to upset him. "But we can still play!" She said, and without a second thought, pounced him.

Ahadi fell to the ground, slightly surprised. And from that pounce onward, the two became friends. Ahadi would stay around the Pride Lands, and Uru would sneak off to meet him whenever she could; usually at night. She would bring him scraps of food, and tell him about the Pride Lands. And he would tell her about his adventures as a rogue cub.

It wouldn't be long before Mohatu found out about Ahadi. And a season after, he would finally permit him to stay in the Pride Lands. For after he accepted his daughters new friend, the king could see how close the two were.

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