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Fan Art Albums of My Lion King


Adofo's Album


# I'm back! 
July 27th, 2015, 8:45 pm
I'm back from Quakecon! Had an awesome time! I love being able to spend some time with my big bro! In case you don't know, Quakecon is a gaming convention for computers in downtown Dallas(I live in a suburb next to it) and you can BYOC (Bring your own computer) to be apart of the worlds largest lan party! I saw exclusive looks into the upcoming game, Fallout 4, I got to play a few multiplayer matches in the also upcoming game, DooM!This is my 5th year in a row attending Quakecon! (6 if you include the the first year I just went to check it out and into bring my PC) I miss it already! The smell of Cheetos, energy drinks and alcohol in the air. Thousands of greasy nerdy shut-ins sitting at their awesome modded gaming PC's. The constant loud screaming that shatters your eardrums. The raffle drawings where people go insane shoving people just so they can get a free t-shirt that were tossed into the audience. The comedy group, Master Pancake theater ripping on Jurassic Park 1. .......Oh Quakecon.....I miss you already! See you next year! I WANNA GO BACK!!!!!

But I did get some awesome stuff! I even won a new PC power supply in a raffle! (First time in all my 5 years of winning something at Quakecon) I'm just glad I didn't die of drinking so much energy drinks (It's called Bawls. No. Seriously! That's it's name!) Also I think two people were rushed to the hospital for that exact reason, too much energy drinks. I was leaving and two ambulances were at the hotel and they were taking away two people. And from what was said, they were having serious issues from so many drinks. But really the only downside, to me at least, was the internet was SLOOOOOOW!!! We don't know why. Some said people were hacking into the hotel's internet to ruin it because they couldn't get in, some say they didn't set up things right for the internet to work right and blah blah blah. No one knows. It was just super slow! And they've had the convention at the same place the last few years so they should have known how to do it. So until they actually tell us, we won't know for sure. But it didn't bother us too much. They managed to set up servers for the con specifically so most the of games that were played didn't have too much trouble. But internet browsers were like 90's internet slow.

EDIT: Okay....Now I am officially sick! I now have a summer cold! Ugh...I hate this! Lesson here is if you really need to use the restroom with a public toilet.....go in your pants instead. Save the suffering! (Warning: Results may vary)

July 17th, 2015, 2:19 am
Just another quick update. Another one of our beloved moderators, Arani, has stepped down. Here is her thread with all the info. If you would, thank her for all her work and dedication to this amazing site! viewtopic.php?f=149&t=45991

And just a quick little update about me, I've gotten out of my artistic slump and am finally drawing again! I'm finishing up old projects (Some are from way back when I joined MLK) and making some new ones! I'll probably post a few pic of multiple works in progress in maybe 1 or 2 photos..

A moderator of the site has stepped down, Shadowfax. She's been an amazing mod! So show her how much you care! She's not leaving the site entirely but it's still nice to tell her that she's done such an amazing job as a mod! Here's her topic so you can tell her yourself! viewtopic.php?f=149&t=45740

Let's hope the new moderator is even half as amazing as she was! ;) Who do you want to be the new mod?

# Youtube Challenge!!! 
May 17th, 2015, 1:23 am
Okay so here's the thing. I have a challenge that if I can get 100 subscribers by June 1st, that I have to make a video of me chugging a big bottle of hot sauce! And since today is the halfway mark, I decided to post on here to get any more subscribers! Here's my vlog video explaining it more! So if you want to see me in pain from drinking hot sauce, subscribe and get as many more people as you can to subscribe too! And if I only get to 99 subscribers by June 1st, nothing will happen. So good luck!

# Serious Decision 
May 6th, 2015, 6:09 am
Hey everyone! I just wanted help on making an important decision. I've been wondering.....should I stop being an "artist"? I just ask because.....well.....I don't know. I just feel like I'm not improving and that maybe I can't improve anymore. Like when I see art posted by people like Timestones and Tako, I feel.....I guess behind. Like inferior. And also...I have to admit, i'm jealous of others who's art is so so much better than I could hope for mine to be. So.........I don't know if I should give up or just keep pushing.

# Update time! 
April 4th, 2015, 12:05 am
Hey guys and gals! Boys and girls! I just wanted to give you guys a little update. A few weeks back, I got me a job at Toys R Us! I've been working there for about 2 weeks now(All early morning shifts since I'm maintenance. I HATE mornings!!!!! Other than that, love the job!) and thank you to all the people who wished me a happy birthday! I had a great birthday! My parents even got me a drawing tablet WITH A SCREEN! SO I can draw right on the screen instead of drawing on a tablet and having to also look at the screen as I'm drawing it. Makes it SOOOOO much easier! I LOVE IT!!!! But....sadly....two nights ago the digital pen for it broke. :'( So I had to buy a new one online and it's coming in about a week. I was actually working on Corabu's DT and then the pen acted wonky and then I opened it and a wire came loose apparently and I couldn't fix it so I just straight up destroyed it. lolz But anyway, I'll be up and running on my art and some LOOOOOOOONG overdue artwork in less than a week! And here is some things I will be doing that I will get done soon(if i owe you some kind of art PLEASE TELL ME IF YOU DON'T SEE IT IN THE LIST BELOW!!! I want to give you what I owe you!)

My projects:
Full body drawings of ALL my characters
The redone version of The Lion King 3 Adofo's Untold Story
Adofo and Simba Five Nights at Freddy's 2 style(I want them to look creepy and broken down)
The Lion King The Game for SNES Let's Play series (I'm getting the new capture card to record it soon!)
Sarabi giving adult Simba and Adofo baths while their families watch and laugh themselves to death.(PS Simba and Adofo do NOT like it one bit! MWAHAHAHAHA!!!!)
Christen and Nala making Simba and Adofo to wake up to go and do their "Kingly duties". ANd they really don't wanna get up!
The first page of The Lion King 3 AUS comic(WAAAAAAYYY overdue)
A short comic of the first time Adofo sings Simba his lullaby when he's too scared to go back to sleep(Such a good big bro! <3 )

Things for others:
Coraibu DT
Haramu for Nukasmomentofglory

# Today is my Two year anniversary! 
February 26th, 2015, 2:28 am
It's officially my Two Year Anniversary! Here is everything! (Sorry some things aren't quite done. Some things are taking longer than I predicted or something went wrong)

Let's Play The Lion King SNES: (Coming soon. Capture Card broke.)
Super Smash Bros, Lion King edition:
Simba doesn't wanna wake up Artwork: (Coming soon)
The Lion King-Tarzan Swap Artwork: (Coming soon)
Fan Fic The Lion King 3 Adofo's Untold Story: (Coming soon)

# My 2nd year anniversary! 
February 16th, 2015, 4:45 am
In ten days, I will have been a member of MLK for two years! I'm planning on releasing some special art of mine, I'm overhauling all my characters to be up to date, and I'm even releasing some videos onto youtube! And the videos that I release will been listed as Unlisted. That means only those who have a direct link to them can see them. They'll all be about The Lion King! I had a match in Super Smash Bros. Wii U with all Mii Fighters. They were all customized to look like Adofo, Simba, Mufasa, Sarabi, Scar, Shenzi, Banzai and Ed(I have more TLK Mii characters but only up to eight of them can be in one match.) I will also release a few vids starting an exclusive Let's Play series on The Lion King The Video Game for SNES, just for you guys! And I may do a quick vlog for you guys too. Also, I'll be releasing my non dream version of LK3: Adofo's Untold Story! I'll be adding a lot and making a few little tweaks here and there! All for the incredible people of MyLionKing!!


# Hey Everyone. Please read this. 
February 2nd, 2015, 1:15 am
Hey, Unikels sent me a PM about something. And here it is. "One of my dogs...the puppy... he has lung cancer. I'm devastated. I've only had that dog for nine months... I've been crying all day." She wanted me to share this with you guys. She's too upset about it. Can you all do a favor for me and tell her that you'll be there for her as a friend and show that you care? That really breaks my heart. For her and the puppy. No one should have to go through that! So please, go tell her you're here for her in this heartbreaking time. Thanks everyone!

# In the hospital 
January 24th, 2015, 6:24 am
I'm too tired to repeat what I've said so here is the link explaining what happened.

November 30th, 2014, 5:40 am
CLOSED!!! Iri is the winner!!!!

Okay so the other's dropped out or couldn't compete so we are down to three characters to vote for! This is for Adofo and Christen's 3rd child. Each person can only vote once and voting ends in three days @ 10:40 PM so 72 hours exactly after this is posted! Iri, Unikels and dottyspottyfan, you can also vote!

Iri's Entry:
Name: Ekanem
Appearance: Ekanem takes after her father more than her mother, although she inherited Christen's green eyes. She has a tan complexion due to spending time outside and red hair that she got from her father, though hers is slightly darker than Adofo's.
Ekanem likes to keep her hair short, never letting it go further than shoulder-length.
Personality: Ekanem is a very zen person. She's tranquil and somewhat shy, though not overly timid. She's usually friendly and accepting of differences.
Sometimes Ekanem is overprotective and worrisome about her family, often imploring them to make sure that they keep out of danger. She is paranoid over her family's safety and worries constantly.
Ekanem occasionally takes things too seriously and sometimes can't take a joke, though it takes a lot to really offend her.
History/Backstory: Ekanem was born to Christen and Adofo. She was raised in a secure environment, though sometimes she enjoyed wandering around alone. Though she did have friends who were lions [she was raised around them, after all], she met a hyrax named Abana who she quickly befriended and was very close to.
Ekanem was less impulsive and wasn't much of a troublemaker, though she did get into trouble, including when she ventured into a marsh full of snakes and crocodiles. She also tried to go hunting when she was very little, making a flimsy "weapon" out of an arrowhead tied to a stick, which resulted in her getting somewhat bruised, but no lasting damage had been done before she was rescued by her mother.
PICTURE HERE: ... work=19694

Unikels' Entry:
Name -- Alex (Short for Alexandra)
Gender -- females ftw
Brief personality -- Daddy's girl, a perfectionist, doesn't like the Pride very much (she's more of a "dog person"), throws a tantrum when something doesn't go her way
Brief history -- lol she wasn't born yet
Brief appearance -- Sapphire blue eyes, blonde hair with black streaks, always wears a diamond necklace
No Picture available

dottyspottyfan's entry
Name: Thomas "Tom" Kovu
Gender: Male
Appareance: He got his dads orange hair and blue eyes with his mothers light skin colour. His lenght is avarage, but he is a bit fat.
Persionality: He is brave and strong, and he wants to be like his father when he grows up. He is very honest, but he is still a troublemaker, and loves to play pranks to the new king and queen-Kiara and Kovu.
Brief history: You can choose, Adofo!
No Pic


Iri: 4
Unikels: 2
Dottyspottyfan: 2

I'll update the votes above every day

# Entries are over!!!!! 
November 22nd, 2014, 5:35 am
Okay, entries for Adofo and Christen's third child are over. You guys have seven days (1 week) to post or send me a link of your entry! Good luck!


# 8 Years in memory of my best friend 
November 19th, 2014, 12:40 am
Eight years ago today, I was forced to say my final goodbye to the best friend I could ever have. My dog Pudge. He was a Pomeranian who was the sweetest little dog the world ever knew. He was only four years old at the time of his death, but in those four years, we grew inseparable! That morning, I woke up to my mom with tears in her eyes and she said the exact words ".....Cody.....Pudge is dead..." That heart shattered and I haven't been the same since. I leaped up and run over to his bed and there he was...motionless. It destroyed me. After hours and hours of crying and holding onto his lifeless body, my Dad built a coffin for him and we drove out to my aunt and uncles place to bury him. It was the best spot cuz they own a bunch of land that they would never sell. We got there, I stuffed a few of his favorite toys in his coffin, I gave him one last kiss goodbye and we put him in the ground. It was the worst day of my life. To this day, I miss him with all my heart. He was the best thing that ever happened to me. One time when I slept wrong, the next day my neck was hurting like crazy. No matter what we tried. I finally just decided to lay down and try to take the pain, but then, he jumped up on the couch with me and snuggled under my neck to support it! And it felt so good! Like he had the magic touch! I didn't tell him to do that, he just did it! That was the sweetest thing in the world! .....Daddy misses you Pudge. I always will. I love you boy! <3

# I have a Request/Contest 
November 13th, 2014, 9:42 pm
Okay, here's the deal, I have decided for Adofo and Christen to have a third child! BUT I can't decide on what the character should be. I say character because I can't even choose between a boy or a girl. SO here is where the request comes in. I want anyone of you, it can be anyone, if you're friends with me or not, to design Adofo and Christen's third child. Here are the rules. 1: It is the youngest child of theirs, meaning, Sampson Mufasa and Shanon Sarabi are its older siblings. 2: It can be a boy or a girl. 3: It has to have at least one trait from both parents. YOU design them! you can either give a highly detailed description or you can draw a pic and post it. It doesn't have to be fancy or anything. Even a doodle is fine as long as it showcases the design well enough. And 5: You have to give a detailed backstory. It can just be up until their childhood. Like if they get into trouble, if they have any specific friends and so on. And NO THEY CANNOT BE MEAN OR EVIL(I'm looking at you Iri and Unikels). And also I don't know if it matters, but I'm tweaking the story to where Christen comes back with Adofo to go live at Priderock from the start.(Meaning they were both on the airplane ready to go back to America, but instead of just Adofo jumping out of the plane, they both go.) So all three of their children are born at Priderock. AND HERE is where the contest comes in. since only one design can be used, you have seven days starting now to enter, then afterwards ALL submissions will be able to be voted for. One vote per person and one design per person.
On Nov 20 @ 2:40 (where I am) Submissions will end. And of course, all design credit goes to the winner. Good luck and thanks guys!

Adofo ==> ... ar_id=2292

Christen ==> ... ar_id=2605

# NEW VIDEO Five Nights at Freddy's 2!!!! 
November 11th, 2014, 10:03 pm
Hey guys! The hit game Five Nights at Freddy's sequel, Five Nights At Freddy's 2, just got released last night and I immediately did a video for it! If you wanna watch, then here's the link! ANd I'm already uploading part 2 so keep an eye out! Also, STRONG LANGUAGE!!!!! So watch with caution for you younger members or just not watch at all. ... ow&index=2

# Go vote!!!!!!!! 
November 3rd, 2014, 8:51 am
The voting poll is up for Fan of the Month and both of my friends, S1mba D4 L1on and ScarsMate are both nominated and they both truly deserve it! So go vote!
Here's the link! => viewtopic.php?f=178&p=1152795#p1152795

October 26th, 2014, 4:25 am
Okay guys, there is this thing called TLK Fanof the Month. And SO FAR ONLY THREE PEPS HAVE BEEN NOMINATED! 2 of them by me! So whoever you think on here deserves to be Fan of the month, read the rules and then do what they say about casting your nominations! COME ON GUYS AND GIRLS! Here's the link. viewtopic.php?f=178&t=42692

And this ISN'T's deciding which members get nominated the most that move on to voting. You can nominate 4 people and I've only done two so far, but nominations ends in a little over 2 days from now. SO GO!!!!!!!!

# I SURVIVED!!!!!!! 
October 26th, 2014, 2:58 am
Sorry for the late post. I just got revived. I barely made it.....I can't say the same for my co-workers.....but I made it! You can't keep me down! I am horribly disfigured at the moment, but should be back to my gorgeous self anytime. It's good to be back!

# GOODBYE!!!! 
October 25th, 2014, 12:53 am
I'm not leaving the site, I'm just posting this because tomorrow I will be working 10 am to 3 pm at Party City where I will meet my untimely death at the hands of 100,000 crazy customers getting Halloween costumes, candy and decorations that I am very sure me and my co-workers will be beaten to death with and the only things that will be left of us is a bloody mess on the floor and our name tags. So if this is the end.....I LOVE YOU GUYS! You have been awesome to me and I will miss each and everyone of you dearly! 3:01 pm...if I survive the onslaught....I will post another journal notifying you of my survival. But if I do not make it, here are a list of regret's. (In order)

1. I never got to be a moderator of this wonderful site!
2. I never got to ask out the girl I have been in love with for the past 16 years.
3. I will never get to play Dead Rising 4 on Xbox One.
4. I will never see the third Hobbit movie.
5. I will never get to play Five Night's at Freddy's 2.
6. I will never get to see remakes of The Lion King with Adofo plus the third movie, Adofo's Untold story.
7. I won't be able to enjoy the delicious taste of Firey Habenaro Doritos ever again.(IF I EVER FOUND A FLIPPING BAG OF THEM!!!!!!!)
And 8. .....I will never have super powers.

If I do not make it, I leave my characters all to my best friend on MLK and the entire internet to dottyspottyfan! THE REST OF YOU GET NOTHING!!!!! NOTHING!!!!!!!

Goodbye! I love you all! Wish me luck tomorrow...for it may be my last.

# Sorry I'm behind! 
October 15th, 2014, 5:46 am
I REALLY WANT TO APOLOGIZE! I haven't been active as much lately and I haven't really been doing very much art AT ALL! I just got a new job at Party City, my car seems to bee falling apart every time you touch it, I've been sick and....I could go on but you see where I'm going with this. I HAVE STARTED WORK ON EVERYONE'S REQUESTS, TRADE etc, but I'm just so backed up it's crazy! But things are dying down.....for now I'll be getting to work on your stuff some. AND some of my stuff cuz I haven't really finished ANY of my works. I literally have at LEAST 40 works I started, got a good way through, and set it down and haven't touched it since. Just thank you for baring with me here. Dofo out!

# Add me! 
October 13th, 2014, 6:39 am
I am feeling very social right now! (Which is rare cuz I'm shy) So I want to connect with all the awesome people on here in any way I can! Weather it be social websites on playing together in video games. So here are some places to connect with me that I am the most active in.

Skype: Look up "Adofo017"
Youtube: ... 7BnYRbrgow
Xbox Live for Xbox 360 and Xbox One: Zombiemaster017
Playstation Network: ZombieMstr017
Nintendo Wii U: Adofo-the-human
Steam for PC: Adofo
Nintendo 3DS Friend code: 1865-1021-0021

Any of these, feel more than free to add me! I just ask that you tell me who you are just so I know you're not some random guy or a spambot.

NOTE: Sorry I haven't been quite as active lately and am REALLY slow with art and RP's. Even more so than usual. I just got a job at Party City and I'm dealing with a few other things right now. Like my car that is acting up. So REALLY sorry!

# Lion and Lioness request 
September 25th, 2014, 4:52 am

Hey guys, I am requesting a design for a lion and lioness BUT here is the catch. I want them to be the parents of my fursona, Tua! So I'd like for them to have some elements from him. They have to be realistic. Thanks!

Here is Tua for a reference. ... ar_id=2650

# New Youtube! 
August 31st, 2014, 1:07 am
I have officially made me a new Youtube account! You can check it out BUT BE WARNED, there is some strong language so those of you that are too young, unless you get your parents permission, DO NOT watch! It's not too bad, just a few swear and curse words. I try not to swear but with the two games I've done so far, it's hard not too. ... w/featured

# I'm home! 
August 25th, 2014, 12:51 am
Hey! I'm back home! Like last time, they couldn't figure out what was wrong. But I seemed completely fine so I got to go home! So Everyone, quit worrying! Thank you for all your kind words! Nothing can stop me, baby!

# In the hospital 
August 24th, 2014, 7:20 pm
The link will explain everything.

# I'm Back!!! 
August 13th, 2014, 6:44 am
I'm back!!!! Miss me!? Of course you did! I finally got my computer working again! Here's the story. I had a computer that was a great quality model. It had some pretty good stuff in it BUT there is one major flaw. It has poor air circulation. Meaning, it overheats a whole lot! And I mean A WHOLE LOT!!!! Especially in the summer. In Texas. In 100+ degree weather. So i got a new case where i could add multiple fans to it to not overheat BUT since I completely took it apart to transfer the stuff from one pc to the empty case, it considered it a "new" pc and need to find the drivers for Windows 7. But i do. Ot think it can with the Windows 7 disc so my friend that had a spare came home from vacation, brought it over, and we fixed it! And i am so happy!!!!!!!! I can finally browse the web for no reason again!!!!!!!! YES!!!!! But heres another detail. To get this whole thing to work, I had to completely wipe my hard drive clean. I did manage to transfer a good amount of stuff but most wouldn't transfer or i had to leave behind. And I'm not sure if any of that stuff that got deleted was any artwork but I'm sure soon, I'll be wanting to finish an old piece of art that i never finished and then get mad when i find out it got deleted. So yeah, I'm back, baby!!!

# PC problem again 
August 9th, 2014, 2:59 am
No it didnt break or anything. I got a new case because the PC i did have its rated good for all the high tech it has but since its all crammed into a tiny case it overheats and shuts down. Which has been happening ALOT!!! So got a new case, has way better cooling and air flow but one cable is too short to reach now so i have to wait for an extension cable to be delivered. Which i hate waiting! But it'll be worth it. I'll still be on but no digital art for a bit. But i guess i can do traditional.

# New week plans 
July 27th, 2014, 7:07 am
Okay, so lately....actually no. For a while, i should say, i haven't really been motivated to do artwork and thats why the trades, requests, collabs and so on haven't been done yet. I've already gotten through quiet a lot with most of them but then i just seem to stop. Why? I don't know. I feel like I'm stuck in an artless hole! But i'm going to fix that! All of this week and next, I'm going to be doing a ton of LK art! Starting with all the stuff i owe people! Then when thats all finished I'll post the first page of the comic(how many times have i said that before!? THIS TIME ITS DIFFERENT!!!) and then i think i'll do a pic of Tua(my fursona) being a therapist to a bunch of lions and lionesses. Just because by now, I'm basically the unofficial therapist of MyLionKing.

# About Me 
July 23rd, 2014, 5:54 pm
Hey! First off, yes it is me, TheMaster017. I changed my name to Adofo! And for all you newbies, a while back, some of us did journal entries to let others know more about us! So I've decided to do it again!

Name: Cody

Gender: Male

Age: 20

Born: March, 17, 1994 (St. Patrick's Day. It is also my mothers birthday!)

Bloodlines: 50% Irish, 25% Italian, 15% British, 10% Native American

City: Dallas, Texas

Siblings: Anthony (Older Brother), Jaime (Older Sister)

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color: Red

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Height: 5 feet, 4 inches

Weight: 230

Shoe Size: 12-13 (Depending on the shoe)

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Hobbies: Drawing/sketching, sculpting, swimming, sleeping, tennis

Favorite Color: Blue

Favorite Food: Pizza

Favorite Drink: Dr. Pepper

Favorite Movies: The Lion King series(duh), The Hobbit series, The Hangover series, Tarzan, The Lord of the Rings series

Favorite Movie Characters: Simba, Bilbo Baggins, Alan, Tarzan, Gollum

Favorite TV Shows: Family Guy, Adventure Time, South Park, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Naruto, American Dad, Futurama

Favorite TV Show Characters: Peter Griffin, Shelby, Cartman, Meatwad, Gaara, Roger, Bender

Favorite Bands: Metallica, Aerosmith, Disturbed, Avenged Sevenfold, Celldweller, Five Finger Death Punch, Shinedown, Slipknot, Seether, Motorhead, Nirvana

Favorite Songs: The Unforgiven 2, Love in an Elevator, Land of Confusion, Shepard of Fire, Own Little World, Lift Me Up, Enemies, Before I Forget, Remedy, In the Black, In Bloom

Favorite Video Games: Dead Rising series, Halo series, Super Smash Bros. series, Brutal Legend, Saints Row Series, GTA series

Favorite Video Game Characters: Frank West, Master Chief, Ike, Eddie Riggs, Johnny Gat, Trevor Phillips

WOO! I think I may have gone overboard.......oh well.

# Not feeling so hot 
July 21st, 2014, 1:31 am
I feel awful. I had an awesome time at Quakecon the past few days! But last night I went home and got into bed at about 4 in the morning and since a little bit before i fell asleep, I've felt like what people leave in public school toilets. Junk food, energy drinks, sodas, staying up really late the past three days and probably the biggest factor, me donating a pint of blood up at Quakecon to American Red Cross, has left me feeling drained, queazy, dizzy, light headed and just flat out tired. So I've just been laying down basically all day. But it was worth it.

# I'm back home!!! (For now) 
July 16th, 2014, 1:53 am
I just got back from housesitting my bros place, which is why i've been offline a bit the last few days. I'm back home but the day after tomorrow I'm heading up to Quakecon 2014!! So I'll be a little absent then too. But since its a BYOC(Bring Your Own Computer) event, I'll be getting on a good amount.

# Happy 20th Anniversary Lion King! 
June 24th, 2014, 7:05 pm
Today is the official 20th Anniversary! What are all of you doing to celebrate?
I'm playing both the Sega Genesis and SNES video game versions of The Lion King, Watching all three movies, re-writing my LK4 story, doing LK art and I'm spending the whole day dressed as Adofo. And here is the picture I did for the 20th Anniversary! ... work=17902

# The Lion King 20th Anniversary 
June 10th, 2014, 11:37 pm
Well I'm gonna be celebrating on BOTH June 15th and June 24thr. If you somehow DON'T know what those dates are, the 15th is the release of LK1 in a limited number of theaters. and the 24th is worldwide. Personally, since The Lion King is so close to my heart, being born the same year (I was born about 3 months before it's release), being one of the first movies I ever saw and being my favorite movie of all time, I decided on that day, from midnight to midnight I am going to be exploding with LK fever! I will watch The three movies, LK1 then 2 then 1 1/2(or 3, depending on your area.) I will be playing both the Genesis AND the Super Nintendo Entertainment System versions of The Lion King game. I will post a few special pieces of artwork that I will be saving for that day.(I'm only telling you one of them. The others you have to wait and see.) One of which will be the completed 1st page of my comic for Adofo's Untold Story. The ONLY music I will be listening to all day is The Lion King soundtracks. I will be posting the first few chapters of my redone version of The Lion King 4 The Circle of Life Falls. And finally, from midnight to midnight, I shall be wearing my Adofo outfit.(Yes I have an Adofo outfit. Long story short, my niece saw a picture of him, I told her all about him, Halloween was coming and she wanted me to go trick or treating with her. She was going as Cinderella so she wanted the Vice King of the Pridelands to protect her. My mom put the costume together and I went with her. Yes I know I spoil her but that's the price to pay to be the favorite uncle.) And most importantly, NO TV, NO NON LION KING MUSIC, NO NON LION KING VIDEO GAMES, NO NOTHING! It's all about The Lion King! I know.....I've gone overboard. BUT HEY IT'S A FREE COUNTRY AND I CAN DO WHAT I WANT!!!! CUZ THIS! IS! 'MERICA!!!!!!!

# Crazy dream! 
May 29th, 2014, 3:55 pm
Okay so I just woke up from a freakishly horrible nightmare! For you gamers out there, you know about the new game Watch Dogs. No I haven't played it YET. But anyway, I was the main character. That dude with the mask and trench coat. And here's what happened. At first is was kind of this whole James Bond type deal where I was racing down a river killing dudes. At the very end we were heading upwards to go off a waterfall. My boat goes off and I go flying while the other boats guys gets eaten by a whale that swam UP THE WATERFALL. I land in the water and I'm swim(still while i'm the Watch Dogs guy) and then there is a big flash and I'm on like this other world. Let me tell you right now, the inhabitant are UGLY, CREEPY and will make your skin crawl right off your body! And apparently they aren't too found of humans. BUT also most of them mutated FROM humans. I find a bunker that's locked and not even those alien mutant things can get in, so i try hacking it but then my "mother" comes up from behind me. But I know its an alien so I expose her and she slowly transforms into one of those nasty things, i run, i ran around a bit. It was NOT pretty. And I ran back and try to get in but then I find out there is a little hallway outside the door. Where there's just like a few lockers and then a room for a prisoner. She one of the mutant things but she doesn't look nearly as creepy and I ask her to give me the code to get in. And she's actually nice so she goes through all her computer files to find it, cuz i guess that's how she hid it. But then my "mother" came up from behind me and basically said she wanted to help me but we had to hide cuz a bounty hunter, that was looking for me and her was closing in on us. So we hide. But we get found. BUT she transformed into someone he wasn't hunting and I stood still and just acted like a dummy. Like a mannequin. And there was just a bunch of junk down there and he ordered her to clean up. so she just started cleaning up and moved stuff around, including me, out of the way and he left. AND that's when I woke up. I was about to have a heart attack when that bounty hunter looked me right in the eye! It even took me a second to move when I woke up! But he's a weird thing, every now and then, like a quick 5 or 6 second clip of Kovu, yes Kovu, popped up and he was just running around doing stuff in some snowy place. Also he wasn't like he was in the movies this time like in my other lion king dreams. He was sorta cartoony. But yeah, just during that horrible dream, a few seconds of a cartoon Kovu playing in the snow cam up then went back to that nightmare. Ugh........I need to go see some kind of doctor about all this. And P.S. I do NOT want to finish that dream!

# Friends List! 
May 28th, 2014, 7:27 pm
Here is my list of friends! If I am missing anyone or you want to be on the list, tell me!

dottyspottyfan (BEST FRIEND!!!! <3 )

# Second year of college = DONE! 
May 15th, 2014, 4:53 pm
My second year of college is over and now i can finally finish all your stuff! I swear it'll be coming soon! I just have to do them in photoshop then they are good to go!

# Music Art 
April 19th, 2014, 12:31 am
So this week, I've been feeling A LOT better (mainly becasue I dropped my math class. I was gonna fail and its better to drop than fail. BUT I feel SOOOOO much better not dealing with.......eggggghhhh....MATH!) And YES I HAVE BEEN DOING ALL YOUR STUFF! I'm deciding to post them at about the same time. They are really coming along! Now as the title says, some people on here have been doing art about their favorite songs. Well my favorite band EVER is Metallica so That's what I'm doing! I actually starting doing a few way back but they never got past the sketching stage. So I'm going to finish those and post them!(Yes they will be Lion King related. I've actually thought a lot about these.) I'm going to be posting 1 art every 2 weeks. Maybe every week. Depending on how busy I am.(Just the music related art. Not all your stuff or any of my other works) I don't know when I'll post the first but I'm already starting back on on it so it'll be soon. And so will all your requests, trades and blah blah blah! Here's the ones i'm gonna do so far. (in order)

Master of Puppets
King Nothing
The Unforgiven
The Unforgiven II
The Unforgiven III
Whiskey In the Jar
Enter Sandman
Don't Tread on me
Wherever I May Roam
Sad But True
Nothing Else Matters
For Whom The Bell Tolls

# LK4 Starting over 
April 8th, 2014, 11:10 pm
I've been thinking lately, I've been doing a few role plays and they've included Christen moving into priderock. So I'm changing my storyline a little bit. After Christen first has Sampson, she moves into priderock so Sampson Nd eventually Shanon will grow up to live in priderock. And with that i was thinking of rewriting LK4 to fit that. What do all of you think.

# The new Wynter Pride! FREE TO JOIN! 
February 6th, 2014, 2:34 am

The Wynter Pride is a pride of lions that tolerate the cold. Their home is grasslands, but the sky is gray and the grass is made of ice. Most of the members, if not all, have bangs or shaggy fur. The menu? Fish, Springbok, crabs, frogs, and the occasional buffalo. Ice, as well, but that's a sorry meal.

from the top to the bottom

King: Cole [TheMaster017]
Queen: Reese [unikels]
Vice King: Alan [vitanixkopa]
Vice Queen: Angela [vitanixkopa]
Heirs: Isabelle, Persephone and Famiiy [unikels & TheMaster017]
Vice Heirs:
Medic: * Kuafu [DottySpottyFan]
Medic: Trainee
Head Hunter: reserved
Hunters: Axel [Ratchet]
Huntresses: ___
Head Fighter: reserved
Fighters: Hawk [Ratchet]
Fightresses: ___
Cubs: ___
Elders: ___

*1 - medics can have cubs and mates, but their trainees can't


With Reese, the Ex Queen gone, the landscape where the Wynter Pride resides changed. The ice melte away and all the pride was happy they cold finally feel the warmth of the sun once more. But with the melting of all the ice, it made the lands rivers bigger and have more food such as fish and brought about more animals for them to drink from. Food in the kingdom :Fish, crabs, frogs, hippo, elephant, antelope, giraffe.

King: Cole [TheMaster017]
Queen: Viola [TheMaster017]
Vice King: Alan [ArceeAdult]
Vice Queen: Angela [ArceeAdult]
Heirs: Isabelle and Famiiy [unikels], Persephone and unborn male [TheMaster017]
Vice Heirs: Mkali [ArceeAdult]
Medic: Kuafu [DottySpottyFan]
Medic Trainee: Tiba [lionobsession]
Head Hunter: Charrie [Tacos]
Hunters:, Chaka [Ratchet]
Hunter Trainees:
Head Fighter: Aspen [Tacos]
Fighter Trainees: 1 reserved [emanuelle]

Rank info:
King & Queen - Rulers of the land.
Vice King & Vice Queen - Rulers of the land but King and Queen still rule them.
Heirs: Princes and Princesses of the King and Queen.
Vice Heirs: Sons and Daughters to the Vice King and Vice Queen.
Medic: Master healer for the pride.
Medic Trainee: Master healer in training.
Head Hunter - The Best hunter that coordinates who hunts where.
Hunters - Male hunters.
Huntresses - Female hunters.
Hunting Trainees - Hunters still in the learning stage.
Head Fighter - The best defense in the pride. Mainly guards the King and Queen.
Fighters - Male fighters.
Fightresses - Female fighters.
Fighter Trainees - Fighters still in the learning stage.
Cubs - Young cubs, not old enough to become anything yet.
Elders - Older members that now do small tasks, but still have a little bit of fight in them.

Like with other Prides, Clans etc. I will assign things to draw. Don't worry I'll only do it on occasion.
The pride has no enemy pride.....yet. ;)
No one can speak of Reese, unless to bad mouth her.

# Friends List!!! 
December 19th, 2013, 4:04 am
Okay, since a few other people have done this, I've decided to do this myself too. My friends list! If you think you want to be my friend, JUST ASK!!! I don't bite!!! So here are my current friends! (In ABC order, not anything else!)

dottyspottyfan (BEST FRIEND!)

Remember, if you want to be my friend, just ask! I'm a really nice guy!

December 15th, 2013, 11:07 pm
Okay so now that I'm out of college for a little while I can now get back to drawing! I am opening up trades, request and whatever else!! I'm also trying to make sure I have got all my stuff everyone wants me to do. Below is the list of stuff I remember I've got to do, if I said I was going to do something for you like a request, a tutorial, a gift or whatever PLEASE TELL ME! Don't be worried about telling me because I've got a lot on my plate, I WILL do it, just tell me!

Request for Ratchet - A Nuka stylized lion
Request for Ratchet - Izac
Tutorial Request from Ratchet
Request for RedKite - Bandia puking up Adofo
Request for RedKite - Vita with Bandia
Signature Image gift for Unikels - Kelsey with Knuckles
Gifts for Dottyspottyfan - Sammy, Skull, Dustclaw, Cover for Star Boom x Tua story, Tua with Pregnant Star Boom (Lol, I spoil her!)

Request for Tacos - Levon
Request for 1Timestones - Valient and lion form Sora
Request for Marz - Lyric listening to music
Request for Emanuelle - Khalid
Art Trade with ArceeAdult - Molly
Request for Adimu - Adimu
Art Trade for Dottyspottyfan - Sunshine and Nany
Request for Tacos - Smoke, Redmist, Flame and Spark

If anything is missing please tell me!

# Character request 
November 6th, 2013, 5:16 pm
Okay i know i already asked before but i decided to add some more kings to my story LK4. If you design a lion for me i do something for you!

Male lion
Age: adult
Colors: natural
At least one defining characteristic
(His rank is King just fyi)

All entries will be used in LK4!
This is open to ANYONE! Good luck!

The seven kings of LK4
Name ----Artist ----Feeling
1. Vita - Lioness456 - Anger
2. Mosi - Simbamohatu01 - Happy
3. Jasiri - lilly258 - Brave
4. Penda - Atiena - Love
5. Furaha - ixlikextacos - Bored
6. Kiburi - Unikels - Proud
7. Huzuni - Unikels - Sad


# The Lion King Broadway 
October 6th, 2013, 5:59 am
I've had a long day, I spent all day at stupid orientation for Walmart today, but today was worth it because I finally went and saw The Lion King on Broadway! It was amazing! If you're a true Lion King fan you HAVE to see it! I'm already planning on going back next year and this time I'm getting the very front row seats even if it kills me! I am tired so see you all tomorrow, goodnight!