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1Timestones38n's Album

Everything is Fine

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Everything is Fine
© 1Timestones38n 2019

Artist's Comments

Here it goes again,
Right back at the start.
Where to begin?
If I even have the heart,
Am I???m losing my grip?
Here comes another dawn,
Can???t let it all slip.

The world keeps moving on.

Am I wasting time?
Do I bother even trying?
Can???t live my life,
In a never ending fight
Did I cross a line?
Cause soon you will be gone.
Everything is fine?
And the world keeps moving on

Everything is changing
And I can???t take it!
No! I can???t take it anymore!
I???m getting tired of starting over.
I???m only getting older,
Every time that we get closer,
You push me away.
Fight the Fade - Everything is Fine?

The wind blew hard from the ocean, causing the leaves that glowed gold to dance in a rhythm. I was making my way from one tree to the next. I was with a patrol of Stone Cats, Erythros, Jayson, an apprentice named Doe, an I am going to guess jaguar, Crotoan, or something like that... not someone I would want to fight that was for sure, and Sheol. The goal of the trip was a hunting trip, hunting name per say to bring back to camp. We were hunting something larger than all of us. But the tactic had changed when we caught sight of something ahead. That was where half of us moved to the trees and other half stuck themselves low and spread out to the degree. A group of feline's had one spooked what we had been tracking the last day and half, and two, I knew that scent anywhere. Hunter. For a change opportunity seemed to be throwing itself at me. But the double edged blade of this was there was at least ten hunters. Three were Croatoan's size, the rest varied from mine and up. Croatoan was in charge in the patrol. So if we were to move, it would be from his move.
I kept myself hidden, up near the peak of one of tree, seeing the sun also disappear form the sky, both from dark storm clouds that were gathering on the horizon, and it was dusk. Among the platoon worth of hunters and guardscats that formed, myself now believing that this was soldiers with a few hunters. Three in the crowd I knew hunters, Alexei, Pacino, and Vetitum. That was a bit unnerving. Three that I knew well, were the three. I wondered if I was whom they were looking for. But after a few more minutes, a couple caravan-esk contraptions were rolled through, making me wonder they were not taking the roads? My gaze moved, and there was a smaller boat, smaller compared to the sailing ships, but by no means a small vessel, was docked.
Probably the weather put them off course? I thought, my gaze flicking back around, seeing where everyone was. Everyone of us Stone Cats were still and silent, watching the collection of man, feline, canine, and hunter pass by, some passing below me. That made my hair want to stand on end, to a degree. But a larger part of me held the desire to drop down and fight... but I knew I would be killed before I did anything. Croatoan himself also having seemed to have chosen not attack out of shear numbers. My gaze left what was below me and fell back to the boat, the thought of when I cub entered my mind, the first couple months of my life were on a boat. The tree moved suddenly, forcing my attention back down, and it was Croatoan making his way up into the tree. The rest of the patrol gathered as the people and animals left sight, heading toward the road. I climbed down a little bit. It... it was something I was hesitant on... I wanted to fight them...
"There was a second I thought you were going to do something stupid." Croatoan spoke, directed at me.
"It wouldn't have been a stupid stunt if there were less people." I replied, my eyes looked back forward, where they vanish.
"We going to follow them and be sure they don't go where they shouldn't?" Erythros asked, ear slanted and tail twitching once. His tone also carrying a mild disappointment that there wasn't a fight. He had every reason to be furious. He held every reason to want blood. Even if he wasn't the best for long term fighting, he had a lot of potential he didn't see, even to this day. Emerald has always tried to shape one into a form of her, or at least did for the longest time... I thought, wondering if I could help the cheetah optimize himself more. My eyes looked down at Croatoan whom nodded.
"We're keeping distance and will try to stay up wind if possible." he spoke, "Rowen." he called, looking up at me, "You and Jayson will be a bit closer. I can trust the pair of you right?"
I nodded, jumping the rest of the way down the tree, and landing by Jayson whom had just reached the tree. "I don't think so." Jayson remarked, Croatoan just glaring.
"Rowen, can I trust to keep him alive." he then asked of me.
"Yes sir." I replied, amused with it, Jayson himself showing amusement with it as well. From there, the two of us treaded forward, with Croatoan giving out a few other orders to Erythros and Doe. I was certain Rith was treated like a Gladiator. I was certain I was treated as an apprentice. Jayson... no clue, Doe, certainly an apprentice. Croatoan... was in charge. I will repeat myself with he is not one I would want to fight. That cat has a stare could probably make Judas himself take a step back. Damn.
Strangely enough, since getting here, I did enjoy my days far more, even though I was watched a lot, I didn't feel like was watched. It's let me get my head straight. This was probably the first time I feel like I've made the right decision. Now was the question of could I actually have a place to trust? I hope to do that. The desire to have dropped and fought them only made it settle, or stir, whichever it appropriate there, that hunters were in fact, something that I wanted to help eradicate. If they saw any of us, things would have been so much worse, there would not have been a hint of regret. If I was seen. I am certain, I would have been the target. Ehh. as if I wasn't in the city anyway. At least now they have so claimed justified excuse, and point of blame. They want me dead because I showed I have a bone. I want them dead and gone for so much more... hopefully I get a chance in the future.

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