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1Timestones38n's Album

You Fall Before You Rise

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You Fall Before You Rise
© 1Timestones38n 2019

Artist's Comments

I do post a lot more work on DeviantART, mostly because I am using phone data and it has trouble connecting to here, but I still try my best to get at least something loaded to here.

It was late Junius... the weather was warm, a bit too warm for my personal comfort I had to admit. I wasn't a fan of the cold either, but I didn't like the heat just as much. Slightly nippy weather was my preferred, at least camp held that well. I watched as the peak of Stone's Tree swayed in the wind. It made my paws knead the ground slightly, I wanted out of the camp, despite the display it presented. I have been here thirty days and counting, thirty days I am aware of, maybe a little longer. I was told repeated that I had to wait until injuries healed, enough, to leave the camp and fully begin integration into Stone. So despite what I did to get into Stone, attempting to be to clear I was not loyal to that dressed beauty of a city. A city of rot. It was hardly enough to get my paw in. A bit unfortunate. Oh well though. I have never been the optimistic type anyway. I have never been the type to want something handed to me. I always wanted to earn what I was given, and show through my actions, just what I was. A title meant, it still means nothing. By title, I may have been a hunter, by action, I am certainly not one. By action, I am a traitor to them. So long I tried and tried not to be as such, cause I hated the title. But after learning they did nothing when they could have done a lot. My loyalty was gone then. All I needed, wanted rather, was a gate to make it clear to them. The hunters... being them. Attempting to kill their leader, pretty clear message. They have a debt to pay, and it will be payed in one way or another.
Fortunately Kodiak and the few who cared enough to look in my direction, noticed how anxious to get out and prove my words as actions. So at the least there, I was going to be getting out of camp. Not alone though, something I expected. I however, did not expect it to be Kodiak to be the one to do the task. I expected Kricket to be completely honest. I couldn't hide the joy though, almost fidgeting like a cub to go on an afternoon walk with their mother and father out of camp for the first time. I was expecting that for my reaction either. But you learn more everyday. This is a time I get to learn more of whom I myself am. And hopefully bury what I was in Stone.

So I know I just said this, but today was the day I was going to be allowed out of the camp. The first time since arriving. I was not even allowed to go up the ramp that circled camp. Today I was going to be doing just that. Kodiak insisting that I stretch my legs for a change, I would be a liar if I said I wasn't nervous. Very few of this Empire held even the slightest trust toward me. But that is as I have said before, expected. I was a hunter after all. I can't just expect to instantly have my former enemies' trust over night. I had to earn that. Many say I have everything to prove to them.
A simple follower, would agree completely. But I am not here to be their friend. I am not here to prove myself to them. I am here to prove to myself, what I am. If they want to think I have anything to prove to them, they can sure as Hell be full of themselves. Stone's goal is remove hunters... Nothing... Else. They who make up the misfits of Stone though... are what I need to push myself and make it clear of what I am. Stone's cause is to take down the Hunters, make the hunters, the huntees, and the huntees, the hunter of hunter. I already know how to be a hunter, now I need to learn to be a hunter, of hunter. I hope that today is the day that begins. I have explained this to the few that were willing to listen to a former enemy. I know that this is something that is going to take me time. But I will prove it, or I will die trying.
Kodiak had returned after talking to Seeley about something, I was not certain what exactly, I assume that the two were mates by the spawns that ran around them half of the time. And we were then heading up the slope that lead out of Stone's Camp. What waited from there I was uncertain, all I specifically knew what we were looking for someone who knew my former mentor, he was trained under her himself. I was on my way to find out...

Word Count: 831
+1EP for Word Count
+3EP for Picture
+10EP for Assignment (Hunter's Need to be Elimiated) Prompt

+14EP to Rowen

User Comments

  echostone July 9th, 2019, 2:00 am
Is the Stone area one of the empires?
  1Timestones38n July 9th, 2019, 11:52 am
Yes, it is one of the Empires.
There is Lightning Empire, Shadow Empire, Ice Empire, and Stone Empire as of today. Both Air Empire and Fire Empire fell recently. Two alternative factions have filled that gap though, The City Faction and The Rogues.
There is also the Hunters, they co-exist with the The City Faction but are their own thing as well.
  rachel June 27th, 2019, 7:05 pm
I have the same problem connecting here on my phone too.
Your shadeing makes the drawing look 3D. Seeing the pencil style is fun too
  1Timestones38n July 9th, 2019, 11:52 am
^____^ Thank you very much!

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