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If your art does not adhere to these rules it will be removed without warning and possibly without notification!


  • Any art that portrays original Lion King characters from any official source as long as the art is your work.
  • Any art that relates to the Lion King/African Universe. The Lion King/African Universe encompasses all African animals and animals portrayed in the Lion King movies as well as all big cats (lions, tigers, leopards, snow leopards etc.).
  • Styled versions of art from the Lion King/African Universe. (Furry drawings OK as long as they are of official Lion King characters, the characters from the books & comics, or your own original characters and as long as they relate to the Lion King Universe).
  • Backgrounds, landscapes, and other portions from the Lion King/African Universe are perfectly acceptable. This is a Lion King fan art community, not just Lion King character art community.
  • Scans of traditional art like art drawn by pencil or pen, charcoal, water painting, etc. If you don't have a scanner and only draw traditionally, try a digital camera. That will be perfectly acceptable.


  • Any form of clip art that you have not made from scratch. No "painting" over clip art and claiming it as your own.
  • Art that has been traced or referenced from another person's work. Do not copy stances, poses, backgrounds or anything else that is in another person's work. It is very easy to spot so don't even try it.
  • Fan art that does not belong to you. Uploading other people's fan art as your own is the most severe case of art theft and will be dealt with appropriately. Coloring over any part of other people's fan art is not allowed (including coloring line-art). While coloring line-art can be a learning experience, keep your colorings on your computer and off your album.
  • Art that contains humans, anime, furry drawings, or anything that is not related to the Lion King/African Universe. Some art is okay if you relate it to The Lion King, but please try to limit this kind of art. Crossovers are okay, but try to limit them.
  • Backgrounds, landscapes - anything that does not relate to the Lion King/African Universe.
  • Photos of anything that isn't your art, explicitly.
  • Anything with sexual or explicit content. No excessive blood.
  • Controversial content. No "political statements" or things of that matter in your art.
  • Art that is meant to exclaim a personal belief. This is merely a fan art community for The Lion King, and not a place to promote arguments or your own beliefs.

I want to stress that this is a Lion King fan art gallery, which means that everyone else is mainly interested in seeing on-topic artwork. While the occasional off-topic artwork is okay, there are much better places to show your off-topic art. Please link to your non-Lion King related art galleries instead of uploading off-topic artwork.

Also, please note that these uploading rules cannot possibly cover all circumstances. Moderators will make judgment calls on whether or not to remove your artwork from the FAA.

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