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Fan Art Albums of My Lion King


1Timestones's Album

His Perch

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His Perch
© 1Timestones 2012

Artist's Comments

his is a pic of Lion Sora! I've not played any KHII in months because it got stolen. I'm not sure when I'll get a new copy, again. I got the background idea from one of KaiserTiger's pics: ... twork=9148 One I wasn't sure on what a good background would be, and that pic was awesome, and it'd give me some practice with backgrounds. Thus, why I chose to ''reference'' the background. Though there was no free hand, no nothing. I remembered the pic! I tried a bit different style, and it looks cool to me, so I may use it more. Sure you mind I did that Kasa, right?

Anyway, tell me what you all think!

Time:7-8 hrs One Sitting

Sora (c) Square-Enix//Buena Vista
Art (c) ~1Timestones [ME] 2010-2012

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